FS2004 (FSX & X-Plane 10) Bell 429: she is slowly getting some shapes

Hello lads

I have something to show you. Our dear friend Tom Woods is doing a great job with repaints and the conversion to X-Plane (AI version included). All credits on this images goes for him. Tom, if you're reading this, please let us know your plans in this regard. :D:D:D

Also, he was so kind to share this repaints for the overall project. So, thanks to him again, those will be available for you as well as soon as I figure out how to export this again to the simulator.

Hello lads!

Glad to let you know that "we're back in business". This what we have since my HD crash; there's still much to do but here we go:

More to come! Stay tunned.
Hello lads

Nowadays, Nate and I were working around the night textures in the VC. Here are the promising results!

No lights on:

Triggering the VC self illumination (with the landing lights on):

Now, all lights on:

We're still working this but it looks nice (Thanks to Fr. Bill Leaming for his tutorial!!!)

La cosa va lenta... pero aquí estamos / Things are going slow... but here we are.

Muchas gracias y saludos / Greetings and thank you very much.
Hi sergio if you get some glossy texture,s on the B429 it will look out standing.
roughly when will this be ready.?
Kind regards
Hello David

I am having hard time trying to figure out how to learn a lot of things about programming gauges, animation parts, exporting the model, you name it. Even though I am having feedback from some of you, I still have a lot of gaps to fill and I don't know where to look.

I am not a programmer and I don't understand very well HTM (HTML??? or whatever this weird language is). So, I honestly just don't know when.

Kindest regards,
Hi sergio if you can compile a list with what your struggling with then go onto youtube.
and there is plenty of info and tutorial,s to help you through with what your problem,s
are. there is real world helicopter pilots on youtube what would be willing to help you through this.
also i will get you some info on fs helicopter programming.
kind regards
Hi sergio please try these what iv,e found.

David Hardcastle. Jesper Isbosethsen. these are fs helicopter dev,s google there names
try jordon moore at hovercontrol in the forums

Page 2 - Helicopters Downloads for FSX - Fly Away Simulation
Microsoft Flight Simulator X; ... FSX Helicopters. Page 2. Sort by ... Engine system and gauge programming by Steve Hanley. Tested for FSX with SP2 and thumbnail ...

i will keep searching till you have all you need.

David, thank you.

I already have Nike Pike and Rob Barendregt's excelent tutorial. In a matter of fact, it is my ABC for gauge understanding. On the other hand, very kind people has already opened their code and gauges to me (Thomas Röhl, Jordan Moore, Ken Mitchell, Uwe Inger and Manuel Gonzalez). The information is there, I just need learn how to read and interpret it correctly.

There are modules in their programs, that really are a challenge for me; because I don't have a clue of what they were doing. I don't have a strong coding background. This world is made for programmers to programmers, not for ordinary people like me.

And of course, Microsoft website:

Will do my best,
Hello lads

I am sorry for not being posting nothing new... real life called in. The VC in the police variant has new items... I hope you like it:

Real one (The only I could find :mad:):

Also, the external model has "reached" the state as it was before the HD crash...

Take care and C'ya all.
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That's really detailed. With the EventIDs for "landing light left/right/up/down" you might even be able to make the controls work.


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What program are you using to create the 429? I run gmax and 3DS Max, let me know if I can be of help
With the EventIDs for "landing light left/right/up/down" you might even be able to make the controls work.
Dear Sr., I don't have any clue on how to use, define and/or implement my own animations. If you would be so kind to assist me in the future, the help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Kindest regards and thank you.
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I run gmax and 3DS Max, let me know if I can be of help
Bro, I use both. I am modeling and skining the model in 3DS Max and "suffering" with Gmax and ULE to export the models into FS9.
My 3DS Max version is 2010 (64 bits) and of course I would like you to help me when I finish modelign the remaining parts. Also, I have the XML gauges with some big issues that I can't figure out how to solve (about 50 or maybe 60% of programming done).

As soon as I have the master model uploaded (separated by layers), I will suply the link to you. I must say, that I am just begining to work on the several seat configurations. I have plans for 5 of them:
  1. Standard configuration (done).
  2. Standard condiguration ("airliner" type; all seats facing forward. Done).
  3. Police configuration (work in progress).
  4. VIP configuration (not started yet).
  5. Finally, the HEMS (not started yet).
Also, I might to redo the mapping for the pilots... I really don't like them. In the former position, I would like to know if I rig it first and reposition them with bones would work. I just don't know if FS9 support this.

Thank you,
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