FS2004 (FSX & X-Plane 10) Bell 429: she is slowly getting some shapes

Please let me know your full name (pm); you will be included in the project as technical advisor and creadits for your pictures!

Thank you my friend.

When I sort out how to solve a problem, another one is stalking in the shadows! I am doing tags for the propeller animation and I am having an error in the last stage. Now I receive DRAW_TRI_BEGIN(2): Macro Called From...
I've been searching and it seems that Makemodel.exe and/or BGLC_9 can't handle my main rotor animation. I exported only the prop1_still_01, prop1_slow_01 and prop1_blurred_01 in one single X file (for this one, the overall polygon count is 51,558). That's why I decided to export the main rotor as a single X file.


1.- Each part has been welded in a 0.001m threshold. I can't do more to solve "collocated vertices".
2.- Each part has been grouped. For example, prop1_still_01 has 60 elements. Each element in the rotor
head has been detached. So no internal groups within the group prop1_still_01.
3.- Each main rotor group, have been only oriented by its pivot to match the "y" axis driven animation
specified in the SDK for FS9. In this case, watch the illustrations:

This applies to prop0_still_01, prop0_slow_01 and prop0_blurred_01 (tail rotor).
However, this time the 90º pivot rotation was in "z".

Any ideas?
Thank you all.


Sergio, I have prop0_blurred going, but the blades do not show as I made them a child part of Prop0. I will have to play with it more to find out what the problem is..... It was exported at LOD_090, when run thru the ULE.
Hello lads

After a "few" head aches, here she is with the rotors working and reflections corrected. I hope you like how is she getting more shapes.

Have a nice day and thank you.
Hi there!

Well, I've done what I could with the rotor head. By no means, it's close to the real one; that's because my poor eyes and my limited skills didn't help me too much.

The lower part was immposible for me to spot in the pictures... None of the photos captured that part, so I improvised a little

Now, in its place with the recently modeled wire cutters and some extra goodies...

I hope you like it...
Look at that! It's looking perfect! Congrats!

Anyway now comes the hard work, hope to see a top-level interior :D

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Hola Tisor

Gracias por el comentario y que bueno que te ha gustado; saludos desde México.

P.S. Señales de humo recibidas con visibilidad del 100%. :D:D:D

Hello Tisor

Thanks for the comment and that good that you liked; greetings from Mexico.
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Trabajando con la programación de los instrumentos y batallando un poco con la forma de exportar el modelo al simulador... el proceso es algo tortuoso, lento y difícil. Gracias por estar al tanto.

Working with gauges' programming and struggling a bit with how to export the model to the simulator ... the process is somewhat tortuous, slow and difficult. Thanks for being up to date.
Hello lads

Just a small step of the work in progress. I am taking a break modeling and start to do the gauges for a change:

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg and I am not a good swimmer... This is my first time doing gauges.

I am having a little bit of an issues with the artificial horizon and I don't know what's causing this:

I been studying several gauges with this feature and nothing that I can spot is ruining it. I've took caution in measures. The smallest dimension in the card (width) is wider than the biggest in the mask. I've tried several things, including changing dimensions in the card, scales in Y, refreshing rates, etc. A curious thing for me, is that only happens at certain angles and even if the card is perfectly centered. In the second case, seems like a glitch and suddenly disappears. I isolated the part of the code (easy, because is the first set of lines) and nothing have changed.

I am going to have a serious talk with the "avionics team" :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

In the first place, I thought that other gauge components may be causing this annoyance, however and like I said, I was unable to spot and solve the problem. Let's see if I post this problem in the gauge section, some kind soul would give some help.

C'ya and take care.
Hello Chaps

A new upgrade. I've been working in more parts and there you go, some images. Of course, there still much work to do in the VC, gauges and repaints. Regarding the painting job that you've seen, it only shows basic colors in parts and those will be detailed later. Ok, there we go:

Now, the police version (work in progress...)

Phew!!! :cool:
Hope you like it.
Hello and thanks everybody!

I have an ace waiting to do his magic with the repaints. His name is A.J. Long and as soon as he have the finished models, he will enhance the overall
aspect. He only needs a decent paint kit as a guide; and this liveries are just that: samples.

Actually, the SX-16 perhaps will be replaced with more modern hardware used in the 429's police fleets. Not sure if I will model it or not. Furthermore, the hoses for electric circuits need to be relocated; lets see what happens. ;)

Take care and stay tuned!
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