FS2004 (FSX & X-Plane 10) Bell 429: she is slowly getting some shapes


Si quieres si, hay muchas variantes posibles y estoy modelando las que conozco. Incluida esta con flotadores; ya están ahí. :)


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Hello Chaps

A new upgrade. I've been working in more parts and there you go, some images. Of course, there still much work to do in the VC, gauges and repaints. Regarding the painting job that you've seen, it only shows basic colors in parts and those will be detailed later. Ok, there we go:

Now, the police version (work in progress...)

Phew!!! :cool:
Hope you like it.

Glad you are making my state police scheme/variant Sergio. I see them all the time more then the 407s. The thing with these birds is you don't hear them too much when they are approaching :p Awesome work :D

Coming from you, this a real compliment! Thank you very much and I am very pleased that you like her. :D:D:D

Take care my friend and keep up the good work on the Bell 222!!!
sorry bro, the 429 on display was locked. I asked the pilot to open it and take a picture.....but didn't get much. I'll get more for you tomorrow.

Hello V1VrV2

In a matter of fact, I did my best to did the Wescam MX-10. However, I don't know why the 3D design gods didn't enlighten me get the right shape.
It is spherical and I don't really like it. Thank you.
Hello lads

Another little update. I fixed the front landing light and added more antennas, the lights next to the pilot doors (which are embedded in the fuselage) and also, resized the gimbal to fit the new landing light size.

Now, the Police version reflecting those changes:

I remapped and redesign some parts in the VC as well. It's not even close to match the high quality VC's I've seen from you lads; but I am doing my best...

I hope you like what I've done so far.
Kindest regards,
Hello lads

I have bad news, my hard drive crashed a few days ago and I loose all work shown in the last set of pictures. It will take me some time to reach this point again. I guess the aviation gremlins payed me a visit and they considerable damaged the 429.


Paul, thank you. However not everything is lost; I have several backups for the 429 project folder. Only need to redo all that you saw in the las pictures; it'll take some time, but not too much. ;)