FS2004 (FSX & X-Plane 10) Bell 429: she is slowly getting some shapes

Just want to figure out an issue at the back strud of the skids, thought they are too slim - but then I had a look onto the real heli.....Man, you are doing a really perfect job :cool: So just "wow"!
Hello lads!

Our friend BPOII has prepared a nice suprise for you. It features the last updates in the model(s) which have been exported to FS9. Right now, I am getting ready all doors to be animated. I hope you like it as I did:

Hello all

I am sorry for not updated the post; I have also been working with the gauges; the lack of information makes it difficult. Here we go, preparing the doors to be animated:




If some kind soul has detailed images of the clamshell door frame mechanism and want to share it, would be very appreciated.

Don't worry, we keep working on her.;)
Tom, Mike.

Thanks a lot my friends. I have more to look now :D:D:D

Nevertheless I fear all of those details will make many PC's to suffer and sweat (including mine). That's another thing driving me crazy. With the young man seated in the cabin, this is the first time I realized how narrow it is :yikes: On the other hand, it confirms my "guesstimations" were correct.

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Hello lads

Just to let you know that I am doing modest progress with animations. Pilots and middle doors are 100% ok. Now I am struggling with the rear doors, beacuse they must follow the path described by the rails. Once I figure it out, the clamshell doors will be a piece of cake.

When I finish to learn animations, the helicopter will be ready in no time (FS9 version); bear with me.

I'm sure with patience, I will nail it. ;)