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Per some suggestions from other developers I am using the ADE ground poly wizard to import my custom ground polys and covert them so they don't suppress autogen.

I created an airport runway (layer 24) as a custom ground poly and gave it an asphalt texture. I also created three runway stripes (layer 25) which are custom ground polys (all made in ADE) with a custom texture. I compile that in ADE and import my GP.BGL in MCX ground poly wizard.

The issue is that I don't see all of the ground polys listed in the layering and visibility grid in the wizard and when I convert I only have the runway. If I just import the GP.BGL in to MCX not using the wizard, and then run the generate object report, I see all the objects. Any ideas why all the ground polys are not showing up in the wizard grid?
Hi again:

In MCX, the GP in the above ZIP appears to be missing the mapped StripeWhiteThreshold.BMP and Asphalt.BMP texture files.

I believe it would be essential to include those in a revised ZIP file for the attachment to allow proper evaluation and troubleshooting.

IIUC, if the total ZIP size attachment exceeds 5 MB it may need to be linked to a 3rd party download location.

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Unfortunately even though the dialog box says the maximum file size if 5mb, even when I try to upload files 1/2 that size or less I get an error message telling me that it is too large. I had to zip these individually to upload them.

The .bmp files will be quite a bit larger but here are the .dds files of the same.


OK, I am able to import "M34_ADEP3_SGL_GP.bgl" to MCX with all textures mapped to the (4) separate objects within the BGL.

I also see only (1) Material named "StripeWhiteThreshold.BMP" in MCX G-Poly Wizard 'Layering and Visibility" list: Layer={-24}

It is apparent that the GP you have attached above is a MDL-based, not SCASM-ASM "FS8" legacy (aka "FS2Kx") format ADE-GP.

You may wish to review Roby's statements regarding a need to merge / combine MDL-based ADE_GP sub-objects these threads:

BTW: What version of MCX are you using ? :scratchch

: Windows Explorer > Browse / select: "ModelConverterX.exe" > Properties > Details > Date modified

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The ground polygons are P3D v2 MDL file based indeed and the no autogen suppression option is already set. So you should not have problems with autogen going away.
Gary, I am using file and product version, date modified 9/7/2017 10:09 AM. To recap, the original problem I was having was ground polys created in ADE 1.70 were suppressing autogen. I switched to 1.75 and it appeared that the suppression stopped but I noticed that what I saw in the ADE GUI was not what I saw in P3D concerning the alignment of polys. An example would be the runway centerline. In ADE it looked like the centerline I created ran straight down the center of the runway while in P3D it was off center. Let me create a new airport from scratch in 1.75 and see if the problem persists. I will post the details soon.