Hahah that's pretty funny... There's another one on 3D Warehouse, I've mentioned few months ago... which has allready a nice ground poly added to it and which is a bit more complete...
though a little old I think... some overhauling needed when adding to the scenery...

Check it out here:
Yup, that is fully modelled but I think it's a bit messy and isn't designed for optimal texturing for FSX.
So Bing has current sat photos, so I spent the day redoing the base ground poly. I also went about another method, and mapped them 512x512 but in game the textures are 1024x1024. Gives me a little more resolution to play with to get the details to pop thru the asphalt polys. I think it helps a lot.
For those of you that do ground poly terrain, I highly suggest checking out @gadgets AFLT4 . Makes doing lights over ground polys a lot easier! I gotta see about replacing the models that fit better with the scenery, but setting up the lights is a snap. The only thing i found though is that if I open up the airport in AFLT4 using the ADE version, it rounds the direction, whereas if I save it in AFX first then in AFLT it lines up. So, I did the entire AFCAD in ADE, exported it, then opened it up in AFX , then re-exported it so i could have it lined up in AFLT4. An extra step, but worth it.... Torn though between using effects or Bgl lights....Effects look better imo, but the cost is FPS as they do take a noticeable hit, whereas BGL lights don't. @gaputz , this is what I was talking about...
Started the tedious process of accurately placing the lighting. The blue taxi lights so far have been accurately placed...Placed them using AFLT4 and MyFSGoogleEarth. It is a royal PITA but I think the results are worth it...I also decided to go with the effects as using the BGL lighting, I didn't have the range of lights I wanted.
Continuing with the lighting, but I realized when I started the lighting that I am going to have to redo the markings as when I measured in GE the dimensions, I forgot to turn off terrain, so my markings are not matching up...DOH!
Starts looking really awesome! I love the lighting. Somehow reminds me of UK2000 Quality.

Keep on working! It‘s coming together beautiful. ❤ and it looks like FPS are pretty good on those lights.
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Awesome and tremendous work!
Love the way the scenery comes to life from each update to another.

as you've allready showed the Runway Lights in the previews earlier, I was wondering if it is allready fully equiped with Frequencies, NavAids such as ILS / RNAV and DME Localizer and or the entire approach lights and its railings?
Do you know if KRSW is capable and equiped for Cat. II & Cat. III Approaches at night or if its a foggy day?
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@Airbasil Honestly, I haven't touched the runway stuff yet. When I imported the AFCAD to AFLT it had the lights and approach lighting already there. The runway lighting is the next thing on the list once the edge lighting is done on the main apron.
So I looked it up @Airbasil . RWY 6 has a 1400 foot MALSR approach lighting, and a 4 light PAPI on the left side.
Jap, noticed that on the Airport / Approach Charts. RWY06 should've an ILS as well where those 1400ft is the decision height in case of goaround.
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According to the NOTAMs the minimum altitude is 3000ft until past the Fort Myers Beach shoreline....FS had me at 2000ft the night before....
So, V3 of the ground poly...did something different this time. Instead of having the asphalt detail on top, I am doing the airport poly on top. Runway, taxi, and aprons have a 60% gray alpha so the asphalt detail can show thru...I think it more realistic this way. I do have a problem though, and I cannot figure out what is going on. If I map each quad to a texture for the airport poly, the very edges get some type of distortion going on. If I map it one pixel in, it gets worse, and if i map it one pixel more I get the image not lining up....Anyone experience this?
why did you change it? now you need to redo all the Markings again which you allready completed allmost... isn't that double the work to do so?
For my taste, i liked it more, before you changed the poly's...
why did you change it? now you need to redo all the Markings again which you allready completed allmost... isn't that double the work to do so?
For my taste, i liked it more, before you changed the poly's...
After seeing the higher res photos while doing the lights, I realized that
A) Some of the taxi line positions were off by several feet
B) The lines were not accurate in the way they were mapped/placed