Got it figured out....it was saving to another folder within my project folder....got to tweak the model some more as the FS9 sunlight is causing specular shine in some areas and not in others, so it looks really strange....but at least it is on ground level now!

No....First, I need to fix the model and some errors that I found. Then I want to finish the ground polys. Night lighting is the absolute last thing that I will be doing.
Looks superbe... can't wait to see the Lee County Port Authority Fire Rescue Building been added to the scenery (the one in your last image).

And there's another question I am wondering about:
As you've extended the photoreal Ground Poly as far as the Jetblue Park Sports Stadium is located at, will you be adding this one too?
Just wondering, because this might be one of a difficult model to do, because of its shapes isnt'it?
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The ground poly is not extended that far out... It extends a tad bit beyond the airport grounds.



but if you have a look at these screens you showed, you can clearly notice that the whole phototerrain extends till the sports stadiums for sure.
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Basil, this is the actual area of coverage.....The screens you showed were the ones that I showed right after I redid the ground poly to an updated map. On my system, I am using a LOD13 map of Fort Myers, hence why in some of my screenshots it is there.