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I have been trying to include models (.mdl) in my airport recently. They show up fine in the editor, but when I compile and go into FSX, all of my other edits are present, but there is no model. My file layout is as follows:

C:/...FSX directory.../Addon Scenery/EGTR (The airport which I'm modelling)/Textures
C:/...FSX directory.../Addon Scenery/EGTR (The airport which I'm modelling)/Scenery

In the scenery folder, I have put the compiled .bgl files from ADE, as well as the .mdl file. In the Textures folder, I have put the compiled textures and the textures for the .mdl. However, after all this, the model doesn't show up in the simulator. The model is set to appear at VERY_SPARSE, and my density is EXTREMELY_DENSE.
Please help?


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You do have the corresponding textures within the correct folders? I would recheck the spelling of the texture folder.. should be texture without the.'s'.


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Model file doesn't need to be in either of the folders - only needs to be the the compiled bgl file - placed by adding in the the ad4 file. add it within ADE?


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Maybe if you give us a step by step on how you placed the model file within ADE or include the ad4 file here (granted, though just the ad4 without the models in question will not help much), we might be able to assist you further. Which version of FS and ADE are you using this for?
Ok. Thanks for the help so far.

First, I modelled the object in sketchup, and exported it as a COLLADA (.DAE) file.

I opened it up in modelconverterX, converted the textures to .DDS, and exported it to a .MDL file.

Once in ADE 175 and opened the airport that I'm working on, I clicked Lists, then Models.

Using the Add button, I selected the .MDL file. I then closed the window.

I right where I wanted it, selected Add, and then Model. I chose my model from the window which opened, and clicked Ok.

After all of that, the yellow footprint for the model appeared in ADE. I compiled the airport, and put the compiled .BGL files and the .MDL file into a Scenery folder, and put the compiled textures and the textures for the .MDL in a Texture folder.

After copying those 2 folders to a folder which I had created in the Addon Scenery folder of the FSX directory, I booted up FSX Steam Edition and activated the scenery via the Scenery Library in Settings.

And voila, after all of my hard work, I beheld...



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It sounds like you made it a bit complicated with the extra folders. Try putting the compiled bgl file into Addon Scenery\scenery and the associated textures into Addons Scenery\scenery. Make sure that your sim's image complexity is set to extremely dense.


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OK then I think we actually need to see your ADE project file, the mdl file and it's textures so that we can try and replicate the problem. Perhaps you can put them all into a zip file and attach it to a post in this thread.
Apparently your model is not in FSX format.

I converted it in MCX and it now compiles in ADE and displays in FSX:

I would also recommend that you run the fault finder in ADE.
OK. I was following a tutorial for FS9, so I probably forgot to configure something for FSX. Thanks so much everyone, and I’ll have a look today and get back to you later!


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Yeah, that's a bit of a "gotcha". AFAIK ADE will not load FS9 MDL files in FSX mode, even though they could appear in FSX (but not in P3Dv4). I thought there was a popup warning about that, but I guess not this time.
Also- my friend does not get the obj file in his scenery folder. He does have ade checked as separate bgls. so- he does have the afcad, the cvx (if any) and the obj file. No obj file shows up in his scenery!
Yes- I realize that. This friend - one scenery he is working on … no obj file shows up after compile. Yep- I made sure he separated the bgls in ADE settings, options. He fiddled with things after I asked him to run a test on another scenery of his. There he said the objn DID show up, BUT still no objects. I thought perhaps he had lost the textures in main fsx\texture, or in scenery\global\texture etc.- but his instant scenery 3 places default objects perfectly, so the textures are there.


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Oh, you mean an _OBJ file, got it.

If the objects were added as MDL files to the ADE file, does he have the original MDL files for the objects in the same place you do? That's usually in the ADE Models folder. They need to be there to be incorporated into the BGL file when compiled.