P3D v4 My Weather Engine ( free )

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
I would suggest you to change the name from "My Weather Engine" to "Live Metar", "Live Weather", "AliveSky" or "LivelySky", to be focused on the mission of the tool. It would just be my suggestion though ;).
But then something like this: Live Metar Evolution or Live Weather Ultimate :D
No, just a joke. This is a good thing even without superlative words :)
i think my weather engine refer that the tool is free and yours and customizable to your preferences :p
Customisable meaning in which sense? Since the weather is actually not customised by us and it is natural phenomena (referring to real weather) how do you mean it is customised by the user?
what you can customize is the actually the weather itself (you can set custom weather using the engine UI or using a custom Metar, and you can set the refresh rate ofc ) :)

Possibly the number of cloud layers, or the refresh rate with the weather data being loaded, the weather service (IVAO/VATSIM/NOAA Weather) ... etc ?
I didn't think about customizing the weather service but can be a good idea, thnx :)
Hello all
today I did the first autonomy test flight

I started P3D and just flew the plane around enjoying the weather
then took a look at the Log file and had no errors just smooth working engine in the background
and in the middle of my flight, I tested the new improved Request wether feature using the engine console (inside P3D no need to switch the window at all) and it works great.

so we can say that Autonomy feature is Done! :)

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
what you can customize is the actually the weather itself (you can set custom weather using the engine UI or using a custom Metar, and you can set the refresh rate ofc ) :)
That's a very good idea, that's what I wanted. None of the weather addons I use have this feature. This can be very helpful when testing wind objects for their functionality :)
Back to development, I mean problems
Well the Engine has just started pissing me, AGAIN
the big problem is that it always wanna fight environment force and can't get cool with it
the engine was working great with it last week but today it decided that environment force isn't his friend and started changing the Air pressure to let me know that it is under pressure.

I thought of adding a new feature called Debug mode
it just lets you inspect the weather data that the engine thinks that P3D has and the DATA loaded in P3D so it lets you compare and know whenever there is a problem
and an other feature: Error handler or let le call it BUG finder, it will track problems in weather data loaded in P3D and the engine.
I really need that to fix the problem with environment force, I think I found the bug already but still didn't test it

for the Weather DATA SORTER I didn't work on it since last time, it needs a lot of work so I will let it until the engine gets ready

for some developers who want to use the Engine, I'll work on an API that will let you interact with the engine.

with all that said, wich me good luck
have a good day :)
Well we can say that this project is small but took a year to get to Alpha stage, I had some people testing it and it just broke somewhere between their departure and arrival
so the development process is on stand by as I started and finished a new project (I'm keeping the updates UP) Click here to check it out
sorry for people who wanted to get this engine it is really hard to make a freeware engine with P3D limited software extents
It's good for a freeware weather engine do as much as the shareware Active Sky effect. Though I am a FSX user and can't test it, but the result shown in your videro is great.