New scenery Göteborg-Landvetter FSX/P3D2 RC-Scenery

Hi Roby

I don't know much about 3D work, exept that ESGG is delicious and beautiful i know that for sure!

But anyways perhaps jetways made with FSDS can be converted into 3MAX? if that's possible

Mayby Oliver Pabst (Aerosoft) can help you out with this?

The email to Oliver (Aerosoft will pass the email forward to him and he will take contact to you)

There is a tread on Aerosoft's forum here:

It will be the cherry on top of the cake if AES could get to work

I really hopes that ESGG can have AES, If possible, ESGG Gothenburg Landvetter have earned it.....

Keep up the good works guys!

And thanks for this "little" goddie :)

Tak, Dennis, for promoting (maybe involuntarily and certainly without being paid for it:)) our ESGG scenery with your kind words.
Although I speak several languages (a hobby of mine as well as a necessity in the work I used to do) my Danish is not up to discussing FS things in that language, let alone when I have to read and understand the Swedes that send E-mails in Swedish and that are sent to me, without translation, by my Swedish partners in crime for me to answer:(.
Curious though what little goodie you are referring to because I still have not managed to convince my PIC's to allow me to add an 18+(optional for the puritans) update to the scenery:D.
But, enough small talk and jesting, and coming to the point:
- 1. I will get in touch with Oliver to see if he is willing to do it;
- 2. The P3Dv2 version (most likely as a separate download but free for the ones that bought the FSX version as said before) is ready and working as it should and will be available as soon as we have made the necessary P3D screenshots to show people that everything now finally and really works in P3D (That could take a few more days as I have an old square monitor not fit for it and my partner has a wide screen one but does not know how to make nice screenshots:mischievo).
Those P3D shots probably will be something really special as we are waiting for the P3D version of scenery almost 1 week despite the fact that it's ready. Is it a chance that we will be able to check this scenery in our simulators in this week?

I do not think the screenshots will be really special because (as I said) he does not know how to make nice ones.
I think though that he has something else up his sleeve but have not been able to get in touch with him yet so I cannot answer that question as it depends what he has in there and how much time he needs to get it out of there.
I now know why it takes some more time for two reasons:
- somebody complained about the backside of the taxi signs being grey instead of yellow:eek:. So my partner (in crime:)) has started to substitute all taxi signs by custom made ones with a yellow backside except for the CATII/III signs that should have a grey metal background:(.
- Simmarket tells him to hold off because of the installer cost:confused:.
To tell you the truth, I am kind of confused now but should you want a P3D version I suggest you send a personal E-mail to my partner-i-c and ask him to send you the P3D version (provided you show him some proof of having purchased the FSX version).
Just a thought.

PS Oliver Pabst has not yet answered.
Hi :wave:

The apron lights and Wig-wags do now work after a six month long struggle.
We were ready to deliver Version1 for P3D.
At that moment one of our customer asked us if we could change the taxi signs to look more like the real thing.

I guess that it will take an other week , so please be patient.
In the mean time an unpretentious screenshot.

Regards Chico RC Design


This is music for our ears :) . We are waiting for an answer from Oliver Pabst.

May your number of landings allways equal your number of your take offs.

Take care:Chico
Hi, it's been some weeks, something new, it would only need a week to so there Prepar3D to download. So what's up ???

Regard:Ronald Larsson.
Hi all,

I am terribly sorry that I have not yet been able yet to convince this crazy Swede to come up with his update that is P3D compatible (although I know for sure it is).
He invents all kinds of excuses to delay it saying he is working on embellishing things further in spite of my telling him that people do not want to wait till Saint Glinglin , Sankt Nimmerlein or when Easter falls on a Monday. And then he sends me some of his endeavors:
1 reason for delay.jpg 2 reason for delay.jpg 3 reason for delay.jpg 4 reason for delay.jpg 5 reason for delay.jpg 6 reason for delay.jpg
and claims he is almost (sic!) finished.
Please find some consolation in the fact that it is a free update anyway:rolleyes:.
Greetings to everyone from "beta-tester" Steve:cool:

Our favorite "crazy Swede" is of course master scenery designer "Chico";). Along with Roby(star), they are working 24/7 on the scenery and daily gaining more grey hairs! For those who have version 1, you can clearly see the difference with the passenger side of the terminal. But "Rome was not built in one day" and redesigning the entire main terminal (among many other things) is huge task. But I promise it will be worth waiting for. We are also waiting for Airport authority permission to get additional photo material for the ramp side. We will try to keep everyone updated on the progress. Cheers and enjoy!

med sols.jpg
It is killing me!

I mean, I have a lot of work in the yard (among other things like still having to fill out my tax return which is a euphemism for having to pay extra) but a certain beta tester called Stefan (that did send great pictures of the present state of affairs) and a guy called Bjorn of Svedflight (the one we have to blame this idea for an FSX scenery for) suggested that the landside should be Hi-Res as well:(.
But.... if we do, we cover up the winter and night textures and we get into problems with the autogen vegetation suppression.
After 3 days of bad weather and therefore work on the ESGG scenery, we are no farther than that:

it is killing me.jpg

or at dusk (sorry for the vehicles interfering):

it is killing me at dusk.jpg

Do you really think, folks, that it is that important???
I/we am/are open for suggestions because this could take months:eek:.
The problem is that it already was 2 months ago!:(
But both the FSX and P3D users will profit from the update because a lot of things have been updated. And it should be even less heavy on the FPS.
The stutter when landing on rwy 3 has not been solved. Seems to be a transition problem between two areas (in FSX at least).