FSX please help me with bgl2xml and thanks

hi, jon
i have a problem while using the bgl2xml command line. though i have correctly inputted the command like "C:\C\Bgl2Xml.exe /s "C:\C\ZGCJ_ADEX_ADE.BGL" /d "C:\" /m f"
(in this command , i put bgl2xml.exe and the bgl file at folder "C:\C\")
but there's an error message read "Could not find the file “C:\Users\TeCHiScy\true”。" i guess if there's some errors in the arg processing procedure?
can you help me check it and i'm always wait for your reply, thanks
yes, it works well. but i need to covert a lot of bgl files, so it's necessery for me to solve the problem of using bgl2xml command line.

i'm using windows 7 ult.


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I have not looked at the command line version for a while and I seem to recall that the GUI uses the command line version. I need to check it out. I will try and do it as soon as possible
Hi Jon,

Did you ever look into this or resolve the issue TechiScy was experiencing? It's just that I'm having that exact same issue with the command line version.


C:\>"C:\Program Files (x86)\bgl2xml\Bgl2Xml.exe" /s "c:\temp\APX47130.bgl"
Could not find file 'C:\true'.

I've tried various different combinations of various command line switches, changing the current directory to the same as the bgl2xml exe and the result is always 'Could not find file 'current_dir\true' (where current_dir is the current directory from where the command is executed).

GUI version works like a dream.

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1. FSX SDK has SP1a applied.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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It is on my list but somewhere down at the moment...
I hope the good Dr. Duck won't mind a comment here?

The command line version works as it should, if you handle the files properly.

First, I would remove the program from the \Program Files directories and reinstall some place that Windows is not keeping a watchful eye over.

Second, copy (not move) the BGL files into the same directory that holds BGL2XML.

Third, depending upon how many files there are, make a text file containing the command; Bgl2XML.exe /s APX00130.bgl Make sure there is a CRLF at the end of each line, better said as press the Enter key at the end of each line. How many files to decompile can determine how the lines are generated. Writing a program would work, but also using a directory printing utility to get a listing does too. That listing of files can be edited in something like Notepad++ using a macro to place the BGL2XML.exe /s at the front of each line.

Fourth, save the text file with a .BAT extension. Open a Command Window where the batch file is saved and type it's name at the DOS prompt.

Worked fine for me when decompiling 1500+ APX airport files! :D

Rhumbaflappy previously posted a simple example of using a DOS / CMD mode batch file to process multiple files in a folder at: :teacher:



Some ideas for extending use of the "FOR - IN - DO" function in batch files:


...And a fun interactive demo using "FOR" loops (pick: "NT DOS Session" for Windows CMD mode equivalent to DOS): :p

(Surprisingly, it even works on my mobile phone's "Opera Mini" web browser; I guess I'm easily amused at this hour of the evening !).


Hope this helps ! :)

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