FSX Possible MCX issue??

I have an FSDS animated part with a tilted axis (all 3 axis are not at 0).

Assign a parent poly make it hiearchical then link the part to it.
Part moves so I use FSDS Reset Part Rotation.
Part returns to its original position, but still linked to the hierarchical poly, and eveything is now 0,0,0.

Save the file, then pull the FSDS file (.fsc) into MCX.
The part moves!
It rotates.

So as a test I removed ALL the keyframes and repeated the above.
Part still moves.

So as a test I removed the heirarchy node, so all I have now is a single part, no animations, nothing at all.
Part still moves.

Final test I reset the parts axis to 0,0,0
Part doesn't move.

Any ideas?


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All animated parts in FSDS have to have an axis of 0,0,0, I believe. You have to animate the part with a combination of axes to get your desired movement. You can't change the axis orientation.

Even if I remove the animation keyframes it still rotates when opening the FSDS file in MCX.
Just 1 single part, no animations at all, just not at 0,0,0. Still moves.
Dual tilted axis seems to be OK, just maybe an issue when all three are tilted, even on static parts?


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Does the part still move in FSDS? What is the part name? If if it something like elevator MCX may be adding animations automatically, in case it is designed for FS2004 (which requires it). I don't have FSDS 3.5, so I can't help much more.
Hi Tom,
Sorry for the late reply, been playing with MCX....

Worked out its actually easier (for me) just to edit the FSDS model -
4 LODs
Remove all the tick18 stuff
Compile for FS9

Compile FSX versions of the now ambient, nonrandomambient parts.

Looked at them in FSX - pilots head and flags move indepedently using - 500 frames for pilots head, 60 frames for flags.

Import FS9 main model into MCX one of the team converted it to FSX / P3D.
Re imported and added the FSX flags and pilot head LOD's.

Now the head and flags animations are hosed.
Both start
At 60 the flags stop
Head continues to 500
Back at 0 they both start again.

So to re-iterate - the FSX model version of the flags and head works perfectly, until you import it into MCX.


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Yes, it appears that you might not be able to have an independent number of keyframes. Both animations may need to be 500 keyframes.
Which is strange.
The FSDS compiled model of just the head and flags works perfectly in FSX, both move independently.

Its not until I add them to a model in MCX, then export it that the issue happens.
I will check a compiled model in MCX tonight, and see if a frame 500 has been added to the flags animation.
If so its MCX that is doing it.
Not sure what is going on!
If you load the attached FSX mdl into FSX, which is the flags and pilot, they operate independently. The flags constantly cycle 0-60-0 etc while the pilot head moves 0-500-0 etc.
Flag - 0 - 60 - 0 - 60 - 0 - 60 etc
Head - 0 ----------------------etc up to 500
Once you load into MCX and export they no longer operate independently.

Flag - 0 - 60 - wait - 0
Head- 0 ------- 500 - 0