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*** SODEPlacer V0.4 ***

I am happy to release a graphical SODE SimObject placement tool based on the famous Whisplacer utility. Thanks to the original author for providing the source code as public domain!


The SODEPlacer has been rewritten to handle SimObjects that are used by SODE. The tool loads and saves SODE specific XML files that can directly be used with SODE.
This tool is targeted to scenery developers wishing to add SODE jetways or other SODE SimObjects into their sceneries.

Main Features:
  • Scanning of all of your existing SODE SimObject containers, creating a library of SimObjects that can be placed in your project
  • Connecting to your simulator and providing live preview of your SimObject placements
  • Importing of AFCAD/ADE bgl data to start your SODE jetway placement projects
  • Integrated XML editor for non-jetway SimObjects

  • Windows PC with at least Java 8 installed.
  • I am providing this utility for free, you can use it also for commercial projects, just like SODE itself.
  • Please respect the license/copyright of the original authors of SimObjects that you have installed on your PC.
Download and Installation:
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That is brilliant, thanks, I use Whisplacer, so it's second nature here. I spent yesterday 'tweaking' to place a few objects, but discovered this tool a few minutes ago, and I've already created a new file with a more accurate placement.
Thanks Jeffrey, very much looking forward to using this shortly. Was getting tedious using Whisplacer to get the coordinates and converting it back to SODE XML!


Resource contributor
Thanks Jeffrey. I have been waiting for this for a long time. It is very tedious to edit XML. Once I make a single mistake, all the jetways are gone without any warning. I need to search for a long time what I did wrong. This tool will facilitate the work so much.
VGDS is still under construction, isn't it?
It would be nice if you can add the T-bar on the floor to match the VGDS. The distance of each aircraft show on the T-bar will match the information on VGDS.
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Sorry guys for annoying enquiring, but: Is SodePlacer done for all objects I want to add into a scenery? Maybe simple hangar doors for example? I am just happy got my first animations into my scenery so far, but I don't have any experience with triggering or any SODE xml coding. Anyway, this programme is another milestone for FS developers. Thank you so much for this gift!
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