P3D v4 WindShild RainEffect on Buildings

First of all many thanks for the many answers and the many good tips :)

Now I've come a step further and can say that my idea of raindrops on a windowpane of a BGL building probably does not work. The corresponding section in the SDK to the Mooney Bravo, I have now read several times and it follows that you need two models: external and internal. The windows of both models (internal / external) need different material settings. For this I had specially created a vehicle (Hummer H3) to implement there the WindShildRain effect. That did not work out, but I'm on a good way.

Thanks again to all!
As @JB3DG mentioned you need to create a $texture and then reference it in 3DSMax. I have not done it myself, but it seems to work

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
I understand that this is a virtual cockpit texture. I had just read that elsewhere. The SDK does not say that, or it's not in the tutorial of the Monney Bravo. But that was a good indication that I had probably overlooked before. Now I will try again. But first I'll be smart about $ texture. Thanks a lot!