1. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 WindShild RainEffect on Buildings

    Hi Devs! A simple question. Is it possible to put the WindShildRainEffect on buildings as well and has someone gained experience with that? Here in the forum I could not find anything suitable for the subject. What is meant is whether the raindrop effect, which has existed since P3DV4 for...
  2. 2wheelsup

    How do I make a detailed building texture?

    I have made some aircraft hangers using the Austin Sass method with blender and gimp with not too bad of result. However, is there a way to get a little better texture for certain items like doors, windows, power meter panels, etc. You know the small items that make up a building. When I put...
  3. JackRiordan

    Project KXNA

    Hey guys and gals! My name is Jack, and I am currently working on KXNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport located west of Bentonville, Arkansas. I would like to call it KXNA 2017, but as of right now, it's just Project KXNA. As some of you may already know, a very nice freeware of this...
  4. A

    Removing default game buildings

    Hello everyone, I would like to know if there is a way to remove those generic buildings that are in the skylines of some cities that don't actually look like what they look in-game. Some examples are Nashville, Louisville, Mobile, Oklahoma City, etc. I've looked everywhere and still haven't...