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GeoimageProcessor - Water and Blend Mask Automation Tool 3.11

Hi All,

How the moons were aligned, I have just completed my latest version of my geoimageprocessing tool to create and process mask images for FSX and Prepar3d.

This tool utilizes C# to make it an almost hands free experience to create water and blend masks aswell as writing the resample file and processing the bgl scenery!

There was just nothing out there as a complete solution so over months of work I have developed something that works as a click and forget solution, not by reinventing the wheel but incorporating existing methods tools.

Read the README file and give it a go, i'm hoping it will be as simple to use for you as I expect it to be.

This tool not only creates a single water type, it also enables you to create multiple water types based on the compatible colour palette for prepar3d for all water types.

It uses shapefiles and some cool C# logic to create and process the mask files.

I've done a lot of testing but I welcome feedback. You can submit it here or via emailing me at

NOTE: if you want to create multiple water types, Lake, River, Dam, Sea, Estuarine, and Pond, being all the types, then you need to have shapefiles for each of these otherwise you will need to use the single water type which has one shapefile with all water types in it.

You do, however, get to choose the water colour that you want, by configuring this colour in RGB format in the config file based on the compatible colour palette for the sim.

You simply enter the string without quotes 'yes' for createmixedwatertypes value or 'no' for single type. I haven't implemented any logic to process more than one type or less than the 6 water types available as noted above. Maybe in a future version, depending on feedback.

Hi all,

I've had some delays but the new version of my tool will offer the following...

Tif image processing
Fset bmp processing

Both from start to finish and automated.

Alot more error handling

Full customisation of you mask perimeter in case of required adjustments to the shapefiles. For example, to bring the mask closer or further from and to the shoreline.

The only work will be done to the shapefile if you need to make adjustments at the source but I use some image tricks to get the masking pretty accurate.

Hope to release in the next week or two and I welcome feedback to improve the code.

I have a big job to do documentation...
Hi all,

I'm pretty close to getting the next iteration of GeoImageProcessor out the door.

New features to look forward to:

Bulk processing of tif files, independant of fsearthtiles.
Automatic export and import of tif meta data.
Improved error handling.
improved directory restructuring.
Improved cleanup of redundant staging files.
Updated instructions for use.