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    A landed plane on a platform doesn't follow it when the platform begins to move.

    Hello everybody, I want my plane to follow a platform when the plane has landed on that platform which then begins to move. It's the case for an aircraft carrier, but in my project it's a gondola like in transporter bridges. For the plaform (a simple cube to begin with), I choosed collision...
  2. R

    Only getting a small white cube in SDK when exporting/importing from Blender2MSFS

    Things I have done; Updated to the most current versions of Blender and Blender2MSFS Drawn a simple model with the Building Tools Plugin - Floor plan, walls, roof. No doors or windows. Create two separate textures with Albedo, Composite, and Normal Unwrapped the entire object and created a UV...
  3. R

    MSFS Problems to export in blender model with blender2msfs

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with my blender, when exports any models for use in msfs, the blender not create the files gltf and bin when use blender2msfs toolkit, I'm use version blender 2.93.5 I too used versions LTS, but, continues the problems. I feel very sad
  4. W

    Please help.... Custom scenery name apprears but the object not showing up...

    Hello, I am new to MSFS object creation and facing an issue. I have a simple object in Blender and would like to export it using Blender2MSFS. I exported as usual (object selected, Format Separate, GUID generated... ) and put it in my "modelLIb" folder and built my project. The object was...
  5. A

    Textures are messed up after exporting into the flight simulator

    Hi there, I use the blender2msfs plugin to export my models into the msfs sdk, and I’m experiencing an issue. My textures look fine in blender but in the simulator the textures are messed up. here is my model in blender: and here it is in the sim: Any ideas why this is happening? any help...
  6. S

    MSFS Is it possible to create and animate a complete jetway on blender for MSFS

    Hello, if I make this topic is to ask on behalf of all those (including me) if there is a tutorial or just if it is possible to create and animate a jetway on blender from A to Z. I don't have too much resources at the moment either time or money to go on 3DSMAX to modify the jetway because I...
  7. D

    blender object to msfs size to big

    Hello, I am a beginner in blender and fs2020 SDK... I designed a simple taxiway bridge .. nothing special (see the picture) , no texture applied yet... and i want to export it using Blender2MSFS tool. when i press export... computer stuck... looks like the object i am try to export is so...
  8. RomanDesign

    MSFS Multi-room Parallax material. Finally!

    I think I finally mastered multi-room parallax texture properly. Here's the test video with a simple cube building. Emission works too. What's funny is that rooms are randomized somehow by the sim. They are showing in a different order than I have them in my background texture. Same for emission...
  9. Losco Nosciuto


    Is there by any chance somebody who's gonna update / maintain the Blender2MSFS aka MSFSToolkit for next blender's versions, and maybe do some bugfixing? Wondering because still exporting LODs that way is tedious, as the internal LOD exporting is buggy. Also something's weird with rigged model...
  10. NotBasti

    Root element is not a JSON object

    Hello everyone, I just created my second blender model and wanted to test it out in msfs but then I got these error messages
  11. Av8rThor

    Blender Material/Color Id replaced the Alebedo

    Since I made the model in Blender 2-9x I’ll post in this thread however this may be a Blender2msfs exporter issue and perhaps 3ven Quixel, though I doubt it. i baked a multicolored albedo in Blender for import into Quixel and subsequent material painting. I exported the albedo, the normal and...
  12. K

    MSFS Creating an array of lights in Blender and exporting it to MSFS2020

    Hi guys! I wanted to create an array of lights and place them along a curve in Blender - that's when I found out you can't use modifiers on non-meshes. I found a workaround ---> using instancing. The issue is, those hundreds of lights are not duplicates but instances and the gltf exporter seems...
  13. morganthomas757

    MSFS Blender Shadows not exporting

    I've ran into an issue when exporting a building complete with Point and Spot Lights into the sim using the latest Blender2MSFS Toolkit. The building object and the lights set in blender are set to cast shadows, and are of course on a day/night cycle. I've tried various different methods to get...
  14. E

    MSFS MSFS Glass material (Blender)

    Hello! I have been trying to get some good reflections for glass objects for weeks now o_O But I haven't managed to do that.. How I can get reflections like in the default buildings. Is it glass material and what settings are used? Also, is PBR required? This is what I'm looking for:
  15. RomanDesign

    MSFS Parallax Windows - how to make them work with Blender2MSFS ?

    Somebody pretty please explain how parallax works. I made it work accidentally once, and it works on a custom window I made, which looks very nice, like there is a 3D room inside, even night emission works, but when I try another object and create new material I can't make it work again. I feel...