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  1. C

    MSFS 3D Modelling / Animator Required for aircraft project

    Hi all, We are looking for a 3D modeller and animator to join our team on a temporary basis. You will be responsible for modelling and animating some small aircraft components and then adding it to the plane. You should also be familiar with the SDK for aircraft development in order to tweak...
  2. Jaxcksn


    No longer available.
  3. MaëlFABER

    TropicalGroup Opportunities

    TropicalGroup is a community of passionate who creates liveries, mods.. on Prepar3D, XPlane 11 or MSFS. We actually have more than 2.100 members on our forum. Visit us here and join our discord here. Today, we want to expand our team and create a new project. In order to expand its team...
  4. C

    [Various Sims] Content Guide Writer - PAID

    SoFly is actively seeking new Guide Content Writers to join our team as we continue to expand our knowledge base for flight simmers around the world. Since 2020, our A Guide to Flight Simulator series has provided unparalleled information for flight simulation users around the world with...
  5. hutchcj

    [Paid project] Looking for people to build a new aircraft model for MSFS2020 and/or X-Plane

    We are currently designing and building an all-electric two-seat aircraft. The physical prototype is well underway, but we also want to create a realistic flying model for MSFS2020 and/or X-Plane. We have the CAD models of the aircraft so can supply that side of things. But we need help...
  6. R

    Paid project in the kindom of Morocco

    Hello, Im locking for someone to help me to create some scenery in Morocco for P3D if possible, I need to learn the scenery development whit my team we want to organize some meetings via discord sherd screen and share whit us your experience. Off course if you interested contact me on discord...
  7. JamesBApilot

    3DS Max 3D Modeller - Paid Opportunity

    Hi All, Looking to find a 3D Modeller for a project a group of us are working on for the current flight sims. This involves the modeling of scenery/aircraft/flight sim objects. This is a paid role and payment would be agreed for the work completed (Pre-Arranged). Experience in 3D modeling...
  8. sim4flight

    MSFS Aircraft Coders Wanted

    Hello everybody! We at sim4flight are looking to actively grow our team and expand! Requirements: Intermediate skills with HTML, CSS, and JS Wanted but not required: Intermediate skills with C++/C# Intermediate skills with GDI+ We provide benefits, and would love to take this forward if...
  9. A

    Making a video clip using Flight Simulator (paid)

    Hi everyone, We are looking for someone able to program animations in FS in order to make a 3 mins long music video. This video is ordered by a french artist on the record label Wagram Music. For example, It will include applying a photo of the artist as the face of the pilot. We also want to...
  10. Shea Singerling

    DCS World AC-130 Spooky

    I'm looking for someone who can work via contract with me to develop and program a custom style AC-130 spooky gunship for Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) World 1.5. This project will be payable via PayPal.
  11. D

    Developers needed for permanent employment

    Hi All, First of all, I am aware it may seem a bit iffy (strange) that I don'g have a profile picture, however, I haven't had time to shrink my logo down haha. Anyways, I am new to the forum, and I can't wait to become an active contributor and member of these forums. Anyways, down to the...