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Developers needed for permanent employment

Hi All,

First of all, I am aware it may seem a bit iffy (strange) that I don'g have a profile picture, however, I haven't had time to shrink my logo down haha. Anyways, I am new to the forum, and I can't wait to become an active contributor and member of these forums.

Anyways, down to the business...

I am an avid flight sim enthusiast, as I am sure most of you guys are on here, but I am also a full time Software Engineer, with a knowledge of quite a few languages, C++, C#, Objective-C, Swift, Java, and others to name a few. I am looking for a small, but skilled group of individuals to join myself on an interesting endeavor. I plan on initially building one single (payware) add on, and distributing that through various ways. (I will give details on the addon such as blue prints etc to the individuals as and when they contact me). The initial opening project is an aircraft, so obviously some knowledge of aviation will be useful (pretty self explanatory haha) however you will need quite a few technical skills, which I am sure you will understand, and know about, we will need XML, C++, graphics designers, modellers, experience with both the P3D and FSX SDK is desirable but not entirely necessary as I can teach you bits here and there. We need communicators, and I fully understand this may not be your full time job and we are not expecting that at all, so feel free to just send me a PM and I'll give you my Skype and I can have a chat with you guys.

Further endeavors...

Initially as mentioned earlier we will be starting with a payware aircraft which will be detailed to you on a need to know basis for now (sorry for the secrecy haha). After this is released there will be priminilary planning on a further addon, most likely two addons, one being an aircraft and one being scenery, we do not need scenery developers yet however feel free to contact me and I will keep your name in mind for a later date.

I'd appreciate if any interested parties could get in contact with me on here and I'd be happy to give you a little more information if you have any questions. Please note, this is a paid position, which will be detailed to you accordingly via PM if you need to know.

Kind Regards,
The Devlosim Team


Resource contributor
We're getting recruitment drives like yours fairly often here. With only a single post, no prior MSFS-related projects and experience and a newly founded team, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who's seriously willing to join. You'll have a better chance by starting a project yourself and then recruiting people for the stuff you can't (or don't have time) do on the go.

You'd be better off if you do not exaggerate and just ask from some help from people that frequent this website.
But first you should tell them what you can do yourself (no matter whether you are a software engineer or the king of Siam) and show them what you have accomplished yourself and where you would need the help.
A project title plus some screenshots of what you have done yourself, would be a great help as well.
And maybe point out that they will receive a share in the revenues from your ('wishful thinking'-ly very lucrative future :)) payware project.
It certainly does not help you either having registered only now without any further references to who you are and what you do.
Maybe it would help your project if you searched this website for the things you want to be updated on (and that would certainly take a while unless you had already done it without registering?)
I guess you'd better forget receiving some help here if this is the way you go about it.
Sorry for not being able to give a more positive answer, but then, Heretic said the same but more concise and to the (same) point.


Resource contributor
Hi All,

First of all, I am aware it may seem a bit iffy (strange) that I don'g have a profile picture, however, I haven't had time to shrink my logo down haha.
Hey Devlosim, welcome! What's the rush??