scenery design

  1. Leo2789

    FS2004 Editing or creating Seasons BGL file for a certain area of the globe?

    Hello, I have an addon scenery for the area of a whole country (Portugal) that came with its own 'local' seasons bgl file, mainly to add snow to the highest mountains in winter, which was lacking per the default seasons.bgl from FS2004. Despite this, I'm still not entirely satisfied with the...
  2. Kolibri

    Wigwag light V1.0

    Hello, so I decided to make something for the community. free to use in free/commercial projects
  3. F

    Looking for an Aerofly 2 Scenery Designer

    A well know publisher is looking for an individual with experience in creating Aerofly 2 scenery, either from scratch or in a conversion process, depending on feasibility. Please send a PM here or an email to if you’re interested, ideally with info on experience and...
  4. Leo2789

    Cooling Tower Steam Stack 1.00

    A simple but neat effect that consists of a large steam stack, the likes of which you would see coming out of a Powerplant Cooling tower. You can use it for whatever you like, though it was created to be used with FS9's "Nuclear powerplant" library object, so it's 'tailored' for it. Place it at...
  5. E

    FSX Navigation Database Update

    Hello experts, I have already posted this question in the gauge forum, and I was suggested to post this question here because some BGL experts may help me finding the solution to my problem. Here is the original message : As some of you know, I release EasyFMC some years ago, a universal FMC...
  6. A

    Sbuilder X install problems

    Hi, I tried to install Sbuilder X but keep getting the missing SDK files error, and then the program installs bitmaps but won't progress past 0%, I am using the Steam version of FSX, I managed to get ADE to work using P3d version 1.4, but Sbuilder X I'm having trouble with despite having 1.4 SDK...
  7. J


  8. T

    Good Scenery performance

    Hello everybody, I would like to know how e.g. Jo Erlend Sund can achieve such a good performance with his complex and very detailed sceneries. Thank you very much
  9. C

    Demystifying the secrets of Blend- and LandWaterMasks

    Good day gentlemens, of course also ladies Please find attached an attempt of mine to demystify the secrets of creating Blend- and LandWaterMasks. This is not a tutorial, because there are an awful lot of tutorials around on how to create Blend- and LandWaterMasks. Some are good to excelent...
  10. Pranay

    FS2004 User and AI Aircraft and runway problems!

    Hello All, So I am facing some issues with my VEGT airport scenery that I am recreating because I lost my previously created scenery file. Since I have been out of touch for nearly two years, my skills, it appears, need some polishing :( Please have a look at the capture below, which is the...

    P3D v4 Runway Asphalt flickering

    Hi, Can anyone let me know what cause my runway asphalt texture flickering (some sort of noise). I have attached a video (file size only 3.67mb) in this link: Hope someone can help me.
  12. geromebodden

    RWY26 Sim MKJP 2017- Norman Manley Intl.

    As some of you may or may not know, I'm currently working on scenery for MKJP (Kingston, Jamaica). This scenery will be payware and will feature a high quality rendition of the real world airport in its current state. This will be a complete overhaul from the ground up of my previous 2015...