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scenery design

  1. B

    MSFS How to edit a BGL scenery

    Hello, so I was trying to edit a scenery in BGL format to remove a couple of buildings from it, but I don't know where to start. I don't have any XML file or anything from it. All I have are 3 BGL files, and a texture folder. Any advice will be appreciated ^^
  2. ChelA

    Propose LFHT (FR) scenery

    Hello, I have upgraded my favorite airport, LFHT, with real buildings, modify the RWY, adding a second RWY, which is a grass runway used by lights, adding POI, waypoints, OLS on 02, lightings for night flys, small RC flying area... Can I propose it for free, and how?
  3. C

    P3D v4 Any "quick start" guide?

    Hello everyone. I am not new to scenery development, a few years ago I tried making a ground image, polygons and etc. So I decided to return to this theme and I am quite confused now. Is there any step by step guide on which tools should I use to create an airport, what is the sequence of...
  4. Lons01

    MSFS Stand Signs - An easier Way?

    Hi, Does anyone know whether there is an easier and quicker way to make multiple aircraft stand number signs? At the moment I have to do an export for each stand # sign which is very time-intensive. Is there a way to export a single model but apply different textures within SDK. Any advice...
  5. approxdec

    white scenery in fsearthtiles

  6. C

    MSFS Messed up scenery after building package

    I am currently being held up by a problem I never encountered before. While actually editing my scenery within the scenery editor everything is fine (Pic 1) After the package is build (and when I load a flight) all of a sudden all of my terraforming is all over the place and some objects placed...
  7. Axonos

    MSFS Axonos looking for P3D & MFS2020 Scenery Developers

    Axonos is expanding our team mainly to meet the demand for our scenery in MFS2020 and P3D. This is a paid role and requires high amounts of dedication and communication with fellow team members. In your email please let us know your experience, name, age & whether you are want a full-time or...
  8. alexito_178

    MCX Suspended Right After Launch

    Hello! MCX 1.4 is getting suspended every time I launch it; it's been going on for a while now (maybe a month?). I opened up the Task Manager and in less than three seconds, the app gets suspended. I managed to create a DMP File in case it was necessary, though it's too large to upload. Any...
  9. C

    MSFS Foreign scenery objects origin?

    Hello everyone. Everyone who created stuff and has a community folder filled with addons knows what I mean. Inside the objects menu in the SDK there are now tons of objects from all the other sceneries. Is it possible to find out what addon scenery the origin of this is? So let's say I see some...
  10. S

    MSFS Unable to build package

    Hi all, need a little help here.... I am having trouble building a scenery package. I have already done 4 sceneries and I am using exactly the same method. Here is the output from the console... " PackageBuilder | Reading C:\Users\keith\Desktop\Ryde Pier\RydePier\RydePier.xml... PackageBuilder...
  11. H

    Ruler in MSFS SDK

    Hey guys, since I have some experience in scenery design with FSX and almost all of the associated tools up to Scenery Builder X I decided to take my chances with MSFS SDK.However I find it quite a headache to build something with it atm unless I still don't understood 100% how the tool must be...
  12. F

    Video with the basics of scenery design

    I have made a video (german language with english subtitles) which shows the absolute basics how to create a missing airport in MSFS2020: Enjoy !
  13. OnurDemirci

    P3D v3 : Multiple Issues About Custom Scenery (SketchUp Model) [SOLVED]

    Hi, In the last 4 days I'm trying to add a SketchUp model into Prepar 3D v3. Here is the link for the model : click But no matter how hard I try, I can't resolve some issues: I'm seeing the backside (or inside) of object no matter which angle I look Clouds and lights are always in front of...
  14. albaskies

    MSFS 3D Map to FS2020 Scenery/Object

    Hello one and all, this is my first post on this forum. You all seem like a nice bunch of lads and lasses so I thought I'd see if any of you could offer me with some pointers. I have created a couple of 3D maps using a drone. They are contained in .obj files. My aim is to place them in FS2020...
  15. S

    How can I combine a .tif + .tfw file to GeoTiff to make it useable in WED?

    I downloaded some Orthophotos for an airport I am working on right now, using the USGS earth explorer as my source. I do now have a .tif file and a .tfw file. When I Import the .tif file in wed it isn't aligned correctly so i assume it isnt georeferenced. As far as I understand the tfw file...
  16. Leo2789

    FS2004 Editing or creating Seasons BGL file for a certain area of the globe?

    Hello, I have an addon scenery for the area of a whole country (Portugal) that came with its own 'local' seasons bgl file, mainly to add snow to the highest mountains in winter, which was lacking per the default seasons.bgl from FS2004. Despite this, I'm still not entirely satisfied with the...
  17. consta

    Wigwag light V1.0

    Hello, so I decided to make something for the community. free to use in free/commercial projects
  18. F

    Looking for an Aerofly 2 Scenery Designer

    A well know publisher is looking for an individual with experience in creating Aerofly 2 scenery, either from scratch or in a conversion process, depending on feasibility. Please send a PM here or an email to fsrecruitment@protonmail.com if you’re interested, ideally with info on experience and...
  19. Leo2789

    Cooling Tower Steam Stack 1.00

    A simple but neat effect that consists of a large steam stack, the likes of which you would see coming out of a Powerplant Cooling tower. You can use it for whatever you like, though it was created to be used with FS9's "Nuclear powerplant" library object, so it's 'tailored' for it. Place it at...
  20. E

    FSX Navigation Database Update

    Hello experts, I have already posted this question in the gauge forum, and I was suggested to post this question here because some BGL experts may help me finding the solution to my problem. Here is the original message : As some of you know, I release EasyFMC some years ago, a universal FMC...