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I am new to the forum. I wanted to say hello! : D Sorry if I write in the wrong section.
we do the scene and made an apron and set up to three lamps made in SketchUp. They gently lit under the influence of added Convecter model X. I wish illuminated the entire apron. I mean, I want to shine like this: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/attachments/light-jpg.25972/
Drzewiecki project to make it the Ground Polygon. How to do it ? Please
Something must be done in Photoshop? If it was me? Please

Good point, Jakub
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In SketchUp it is impossible to do?
Absolutely not, it has nothing to do with CAD. It has to do with texture settings which can be handled trough programs such as MCX.
The apron splash is a color (of your choice) that fades to a black background on a lightmap. The day texture is just pure black. No alpha is used.
Then apply the correct "texture recipe" on MCX and voi'la. The recipe is described on one of the links above, or just use the one below.

I made these with Sketchup. It is not difficult.

Do note, on P3D you will need to edit the MDL on MCX to add an empty LOD.



But as the texture you do? And what to do to work with P3D? You can be a little brighter?

Could somebody points to write how to do it? Starting from making texture. I have P3Dv3
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I have a texture format MDL with day and night. Now I have the Model Convcter X set her at the airport with these settings from you?
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