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P3D v3 Assigning and Remapping Controls


I’m about to make a replica cockpit of the Dynamic WT-9. I use the Lionheart Creations Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic.

I have trouble finding the right assignment’s for certain functions, like magneto 1 and 2 (only able to use the mouse). The developer does noe have any information about the available assignable keys, so I start to believe a need to make a custom fix. If so, the question is how can I do so...


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The magneto can be manipulated using M+ and M- (increase and decrease magneto position). This selects None, Right, Left, and Both.
Yes, but i want to use 1 button for each. The WT-9 has two switches. I want to make to switches to make a realistic cocpit.
I start to believe a need to make a custom fix. If so, the question is how can I do so...

Custom Key assignments to control Events such as magneto switch position can be coded in an XML gauge. The process involves trapping a keyboard (Key) entry and subsequently firing the desired magneto Event. For example, the following enables engine 1 right magneto when the W key is typed.
  <On Key="W">

The list of magneto Events available in FS can be found here.

For more discussion of Key Traps and Events and Traps, please refer to these FSDeveloper wikis:

Key Traps

Events and Traps

Hope this helps,

Thank you BOB (rpmc). This makes progress!
I use a Joystick, is it possible to assign a button for toggel magneto01 right?
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