1. E

    FSX Bypass Gauge Security

    Hello experts, I think this question has already been asked but I couldn't find any answer in this forum. I develop gauges in C++ for FSX. C/C++ developers know that each time you generate the gauge with the development environment, it must not be loaded in FSX, so each time you do a...
  2. L

    I‘m new in programming Gauges ,asking for help .

    Hi everyone: I'm trying to develop an app that run PFD and MFD on another PC, using simconnect to transport data between P3D and APP. So far , I complete most of PFD and MFD functions but navigation system by using QT 4.5. Although I could recive longitude and latitude from simconnect ...
  3. DragonflightDesign

    FSX, P3D and CFS3 Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev.38 2018-09-29

    FSX and P3D Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev.38 Not for non-programmers but can be used by non-C programmers. Target changed specifically to FSX and P3D, although the information still mostly applies to FS9 too. Main Revision List in no particular order:- “The Event Handler” topic updated to trap...
  4. hieronymus

    XML Gauges Parser Source Code Available

    I spend several hours writing a XML Parser which successfully renders the 2D panels of most aircraft. A few successfully Apps I made for the iOS platform. Since I wont have time anymore to maintain, I am looking for a company or developer who is interested in the source (c#, IOS)
  5. antaris

    Font type help (SOLVED)

    Hello everyone! I am having hard time to identify font type used in Bell 407 altimeter which I am currently working. If someone would be so kind to provide a name or even better, a link to get it, it would be highly appreciated: Sorry, the reference image isn't the best... In advance, thank...
  6. R

    P3D v3 Assigning and Remapping Controls

    Hi. I’m about to make a replica cockpit of the Dynamic WT-9. I use the Lionheart Creations Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic. I have trouble finding the right assignment’s for certain functions, like magneto 1 and 2 (only able to use the mouse). The developer does noe have any information about the...
  7. Fangnook

    FSX Virtual Cockpit HUD/PFD/Gauges

    Hi guys! I'm very noob about developing in FSX. I've read some thread and wiki pages, but I can't understand how to put HUD, PFD and gauges in virtual cockpit. Are there some tutorials for noobs? Also I want to use gauges of default CRJ-700 and F-18's HUD at once. Have a nice Christmas!!
  8. T


    Hi all, just working on a FSX project of my own and needed to build or incorporate a vertical situation display. Could anyone point me in the direction where I could begin? many thanks in advance Regards, TJ
  9. M

    FSX Imported gauge becomes all black [from GMax to FSX]

    Hi to all, I'm facing a strange problem during gauge exporting from GMax to FSX. I successfully exported a very simple toy gauge (composed by a torus, and a cylinder inside as needle), following the procedure explained in this very detailed tutorial: Now I want to apply this procedure to a...
  10. Gripen

    FSX [SOLVED] Auto Engine Cranking - Issue

    Dear FSX experts, I have recently bought the following FSX panel for: Boeing 777: Airbus Deluxe: Overall is a nice panel, except the following issue, I am faced with: 1) Whenever I load / create an IFR...
  11. AerobaticsFS

    Su26: Gauges not working

    Hello guys, I've made this thread because I feel I'll get a lot of questions. (Especially because I have no experience in XML-coding and I have complex gauges like the Aspen 1000). Question 1: What is wrong with this code: <Animation name="Su26_needle_rpm"...
  12. M

    Read active ADF lat/lon?

    Hi there, Is there a way to read the latitude and longitude of the tuned NDB through execute_calculator_code or similar, without going through simconnect? The simulation variables documentation lists "ADF LATLONALT:index" but I can't seem to make it work using execute_calculator_code(). is there...
  13. G

    A-Level Computing Project - how to do this....?

    Hello all, Recently signed up here for help with this, I am doing a FS App for an A-Level computing project. I have chosen to base it on flight simulator, and am finally at the point of starting the coding after writing the report. Essentially, this app, to run just on the FS machine, will...