P3D v4 Bicycle Avatar

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor

Just want to tell you that I'm working on a bike for the P3D. Technically, the Avatar mode comes into play here, which makes it possible to create an avatar as a cyclist. Currently the bike has three states: standing, driving and fast driving. A wheelie (driving on the rear wheel) should also be programmed.



Scenery PadLabs Tegel X (Germany)


Scenery ORBX LOWI Innsbruck (Austria)

It is clear that this is not a groundbreaking development and I have not reinvented the wheel. But in times of ever more complex sceneries, like for example PadLabs Tegel X and ORBX Innsbruck, one can now explore these very detailed sceneries from a new perspective. It's just a lot of fun.

Here is a short video:

Bicycle in Jena (WIP)

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Hi all,

the bikes are ready now. In addition to the male bicycle avatar, there is also a female cyclist. The bikes no longer have sterile colors because the bikes have been textured. The bikes and avatars have four animations: standing, driving, fast driving, wheelie. And of course all bicycles have a working light :)

At factory visit in EDHI Finkenwerder (Aerosoft)