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Thanks. Did you recently try switching your bicycle avatar for a ground vehicle without changing your EDGT route and plan? Maybe I'll try again with P3d 4.3 when I get back from vacation.

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Yes I have. Not for EDGT, but for the Jena project. The attached zip archive (p3dv4_route.zip) contains a valid plan, the SimObject list and the 3 routes. The files were compiled with aibtc to a BGL file.

Register the BGL file in the simulator, go to these coordinates in the simulator, set this time and see what happens:

Coordinates: N50° 55.28' E11° 35.42'
Time: 10:07:46




Thanks. Hi, I'm back from vacation. I tried that and I see 3 vehicles moving slowly down a highway, a tank, an armored personnel carrier and a yellow flatbed truck, so I must be doing something wrong when I set up my vehicles. I'm going to try to recompile with changing just the coordinates in the kml file to see if I can figure out what I am doing wrong.

EDIT: Well, that didn't work. I moved the entire route to near KALB, recompiled it with AIBTC and nothing shows up at all. I am using AIBTC 0.2 dated 2007.

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Christian Bahr

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Hello Jay.

Did you create your own route adapted to your project, or did you use the coordinates from the example in Jena?

So, the aibtc.exe seems to be an older version for me:

Thank you for all your help on this. The only file that I changed was the KML file and I just translated the the LAT/LONG values to be close to KALB, an airport that I was familiar with. The vehicles appear, sit in one spot and then disappear. I'll try to move the points so that they are exactly on a roadway with existing traffic.
I think I figured out what is wrong on my end. I reread robystar's post on this topic in a previous thread full of posts about the same issue:


And I think that his conclusion about the sensitivity of the relationship of vehicle speed to both the repeat frequency and track length is the key. It takes a lot of trial and error (at least for me) to get ground vehicles to move correctly. If everything isn't perfect, the vehicle just sits there and then disappears. It probably doesn't matter with boats, since the repeat frequencies and tracks are long and the speeds are slow.

Christian Bahr

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Hi Kevin.

The cyclists were added as an additional supplement to the Jena City project. Jena City is freeware: Bahrometrix - Jena City
The Jena Package also includes an Avatar (Harry) and a Porsche Carrera GT with and without PBR materials (P3Dv4 only).

Cycling Avtars, Avatar Harry and Porsche Carrera GT