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P3D v4 Effect offset from the actual position

Recently i tried creating effect using blender attachments and convert using MCX. What i found is, the effect is far away from the actual position. I have tried all the other options in the Earth Curve Corrections too.

Image 1:
Green cirlcle offset position, Yellow circle = actual position


I am not sure, is there any other ways to correct earth curve correction.

I have attached the effect mdl file with textures that i used in this link (https://goo.gl/EMwPMj). Please guide me.

Manochvarma Raman


Staff member
FSDevConf team
Resource contributor

Effects are very tricky, it seems to have their own offsets when far from the reference point. This seems to be a kind of bug in the scenery engine. The earth curve editor has either the option to correct the attachpoints or to correct the geometry.

But it is still best to keep attachpoints relatively close to the reference point of the object, as that minimizes the problem.