P3D v4 Frequency change at the airport

Christian Bahr

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At one of my airports (Essen/Mülheim) the frequency has changed. It has been moved from 119.750 to 119.755. In ADE I find the frequencies under "Comms", but there is no 5-step:


Can I use a trick to change the frequency to 119.755?

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
That would be a pity if that were the case. Will that then probably have to record in the documentation that the flight simulator only the old frequency works. Thanks for the hint! Tom.


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FSDevConf team
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You could try using the Raw Data View if you have a ProKey. You can directly edit frequencies. However the issue still remains as to whether FS will actually honor the frequency you set if it isn't one that is recognized. You would have to try it and see

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
You could try using the Raw Data View ...
I have saved the airport as an XML file. Then I compiled the XML file and the old frequency (119.750) with BglCom.exe to a BGL-file. That worked great. Then I changed the frequency in the XML code to 119.755 and the BGL compiler causes errors and I do not get a BGL-file. So if the BGLCompiler already causes a error, then that can not actually be anything. I do not have the ProKey, because I mainly create freeware. It's probably not worth it.

Thank you for the answers. :)