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I need to fix this

Hey everyone.

I have been working around this problem, and avoiding it quite frequently, so I have finally decided to fix it.

I've been building a few taxiways in Blender. Then converting them to a .dae file. After that I import it into ModelConverterX and apply all the textures and exporting them through the ground polygon wizard. After that I open FSX, and I can see the default airport. Since I wanted to start from scratch, I tried to remove the default airport by opening up AirportDesignEditor. Then opening up the stock airport, and deleting everything on it. But when I go back into FSX and try to taxi on my new taxiways, I find out that it isn't registering as a surface, meaning it I'm just taxing on ground. The evidence that this is true is because its really bumpy when I taxi, and there's dust and dirt flying around my wheels. I think I need a way to tell FSX that my taxiway is a hard surface and not the ground. To avoid this problem I have tried going into to ADE and making the taxiway, and placing it in fsx under the one I made in Blender. This sort of works, but it's hard to make them the same size. I feel that this is not the way others make ground polygons for their scenery.

Any help would be appreciated:)