Great - good to see you are mastering your handcraft! Amazing details already. One question: How are you planning an interaction with possible ground addons like ASX or AES? Will be there enough space to possibly run them together with your static objects? Keep on doing this great project.
Even if there were to be AES for my KRSW, there are only 4 or 5 Cargo parking spots. of those, if using UPS and FED along with other flightplans, you will almost always have at least 3-4 of those spaces occupied, which reduces the need for AES there.
@Airbasil I have not gotten to the night-lighting yet of the cargo ramp, because there is only 1 free standing light there. the rest of the lighting on the ramp is provided by a couple of generator powered floodlights. The building itself does have a couple of flood lights mounted on the wall, so when I get to it I will get to the night lighting...I need to finish getting the rest of the vehicles in place first....
That's what I am wondering about:
What's the resources you are working from and relying on? Have you taken your own pictures at the Airport, to rely on for the work to be done or are your resources, Images taken from Google and Google Earth itself?
What's the basis you are going from to know all those details about the Buildings themselfs and ground stuff, details and all these things?

That's what I think is realy interesting to know about your work and the scenery itself. Cause your work is truly a masterpiece on this Scenery and i am truly impressed.
Considering that I live halfway around the world from KRSW, it's kinda hard to hop in the car and go over there....I am using Google Earth and Streetview, along with various pics that I have found on the web, along with the view I have every year when landing there to visit my grandmother and my parents.