looks good allready... though i hope, the structural texturing get's as good as the cargo terminal has been textured.
in comparison, currently it looks a bit flat to me... especially where the windows are.

Keep up the good work!
Ya, the textures will be worked over. Right now these are just placeholders so that I can get a general idea of what it will look like in the end. The texturing is the same way I did in the cargo area, and the way Greg showed me.
Just wanted to let you guys know....This is not a dead project. I have about 2 pages worth of stuff that I want to adjust/change. As a wedding present from my wife, I have a new subscription to 3dsMax 2019. So as soon as I get used to the UI I can continue on it. Also been sidetracked helping Hiroshi Igami with his 777-9.
Well, I can tell you guys, after working on the ground polys some more, I can officially say I HATE taxiways....The are a royal PITA to do...On the other note though, I am loving Max '19. A lot of things that I was struggling with in '12 seems to go a lot smoother in '19. The only thing I don't like is that all my projects that I did in '12 keep giving me a conversion screen when opening them. I did that once on a backup version and I lost all my templates for the sweep function. I hopefully will have some updated pics for you guys in the next couple of days.
So...as promised....All the taxi lines are in. Now on to the rest of the markings...
And yes, I removed the alpha channels from the other textures as i want to see if I can get the same effect from layering other textures.


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Guys, for the second time in a few months we had to remove posts here because some of you are fighting out some personal issues in this thread. Please keep replies on topic for this thread. Of we need to interact in this thread again, we will start to issues bans to the involved people.

So keep discussions about the scenery that is shown in this thread. Thanks!
@Airbasil , I think it may look blurry to you due to the fact that I added the dirt on the main terminal taxiways. I need to blend the alpha channel a bit more so there are not such defined lines. The concrete texture is the same resolution as the asphalt texture.
I have a partially modelled main terminal for RSW if that would be of any use (no textures, missing one of the concourses and details)
@Airbasil , I am in no way a texturing guru (honestly I suck at mapping and texturing) If you can do better, I will be more than happy to send it your way.
Hahah that's pretty funny... There's another one on 3D Warehouse, I've mentioned few months ago... which has allready a nice ground poly added to it and which is a bit more complete...
though a little old I think... some overhauling needed when adding to the scenery...

Check it out here:
Yup, that is fully modelled but I think it's a bit messy and isn't designed for optimal texturing for FSX.
So Bing has current sat photos, so I spent the day redoing the base ground poly. I also went about another method, and mapped them 512x512 but in game the textures are 1024x1024. Gives me a little more resolution to play with to get the details to pop thru the asphalt polys. I think it helps a lot.