P3D v4 LMML Malta Luqa - WIP

Today I have corrected the hangar with the current SR Technics logo and the correctly aligned ground polygon for you (after a hint).

The last hangar on the south side of Safi Apron is now finished as well.


My implementation in FS

Tomorrow comes the night lighting (textures and dyn lights) and completion of the vegetation. After that there will be pictures of the whole complex
For Groundpoly I use ADE and background foto image. Placed is with SODE. This Poly has two parts one with normal conditions, and another for wet conditions with PBR.
Today I have for you the pre-model left of the Apron 9 and a complete overview east of the RWY 31..

Next week I will build the buildings at Apron 9 including the terminal and then I will be on holiday for the rest of the month.

In October I do the fine modeling and texturing.
Also the Skypark is now modelled so far that it contains all extensions and superstructures, including the roof superstructures and safety nets.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Next week I am again partly absent and from 1.10. the texturing starts according to plan.