P3D v4 News from Hamburg

Christian Bahr

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Hi all!

The developer Manfred Siedler - the maker behind SimDocks.de - develops a new Hamburg Alster-scenery. Thus, the Jungfernstieg in Hamburg is already completed in large parts, the Ballindamm and some ferry boats have already been completed. In order to give the Jungfernstieg a much more liveliness, 34 animated persons were installed in the scenery. It is the Living People of Bahrometrix. This is now the second project on which Manfred and I work together.

Now enough of the many words, here a few pictures from the current development process ...

The Hamburg Jungfernstieg at night with dynamic lighting

Waiting Living People (animatied) at the ferry dock

The promenade at Jungfernstieg - with many animated Living People

Two friendly women are sitting at the Jungfernstieg

A jogger at the Ballindamm in the evening

Very many details have been installed in the scenery
Thank you Christian for the many pictures. But moving pictures say more than statics.
That is why we have create a short development video showing the current state of the scenery and, of course, the "Living People". In addition, you can also see in the video that even the exertsive use of "Dynamic lights" does not necessarily lead to frame drops.



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Judging from their expressions and postures, that guy trying to flirt with the two girls won't get very far.
Looks outstanding indeed! Guys, sorry for my 'Aerosoft OMSI language' pushing the flight-sim into the limits but I wonder if you plan to turn the buses into AI planes with flight plans so that they can occasionally stop at the bus-stops and carry on after getting the pax on... :D

Looks really more lifelike than most of the sceneries but what my former clients (and maybe some of your prospective buyers;)) are probably missing in order to get really interested or to remember their guided (by me :)) trip to Hamburg is probably the Reeperbahn. I had to spend hours waiting for them to show up again. The really funny thing afterwards, once I had collected them and back in my car, was that I had to stop halfway up to Neumünster, to let them out to go to the toilet:(!
So I'd suggest you use your talent of making animated people to also include some versions of them that would fit in there!
It sometimes takes more than just focusing on the technical aspects of the product to be able to sell it well.
I mean, if you are a pilot or a sailor and have some spare time, you know that it could happen you end up in that neighborhood Hamburg is also famous for.


Thanks Henrik, I'm glad you like it!

Hi bina,
driving the buses is certainly a good idea. However, because of the scenery is not so simple. It would look strange if the buses turn in the middle of the road in one piece. But who knows, maybe there is still a possibility.

The Reeperbahn is however quite far away from the Alster. Of course, I know this is a popular place for tourists. But for us "Hamburgers" it is rather "cold coffee".
In addition, it would probably be even difficult for VFR pilots to see all the ladies in short skirts from the airplane - and the more difficult for the IFR pilots. :D
By the way, this scenary is not planned as payware but as freeware. It will probably be a Christmas gift from Christian and me to the community ;).
It goes on quickly with the Outer Alster.
Here are the first 3 boat quays / sailing- / rowing clubs and restaurants.
Although all the boats and the shore vegetation are missing, they only come when all the quays and restaurants are finished.
From right to left: Quay "Atlantic", "Barca - at the Alster" and "Rowing Club Allemannia" with the Cafe Prüsse.

The next is the restaurant "Cabin" (Kajüte)

"Cafe Hansa"

And now a night view of the great quay of the "Northern German Regatta Society" and the "Rowing Company Hansa" with the accompanying restaurants.

And lastly, an overview of the "Outer Alster"

Thus only two small boat quays are missing on the east bank. After that I will build the one large quay on the north bank and then I have to build any quays on the west bank.
So, it's time again for a small update:

The two last restaurant and rowing / sailing clubs on the "Outer Alster" are now also installed in the scenery.
In addition I added on the side of the "Inner Alster" also the two hiking trails along the "Lombards Bridge" and also equipped with Dynamic Lights.
This would complete the larger objects now.

Now come the little things, like all the many static sailing / pedal and rowing boats in the marinas, the moving sailing boats and, of course, the summer and winter vegetation.
Yes, and of course a lot of people are missing. However, most of it will be static, since the animation files for the Living People are quite big.



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Now throw a SAR-UH1D, some hospitals and some medical emergency missions into the mix and you'll have yourself many happy rotorheads.

P.S: I wish there was something as detailed as this for Berlin. I've tried to add some buildings and landmarks nicked from Google Earth to the city, but even with some simplification, framerates in the city were bloody awful.
Yes with the Frame rates in densely populated areas it is always a bit difficult. I have over Hamburg also only between 17 and 24 FPS (depending on aircraft more or less). But with P3D V4 you can fly and land very well at 15 FPS.
Time for a few new pictures:

In the meantime I have installed all boats. Both the static sailboats in the marinas and restaurants, as well as the AI sailboats, which cross over the Alster during spring, summer and fall. This has created a lot of traffic on Lake Alster.

Sailboats without sails are static, while sailboats with sails are AI boats that sail across the Alster lake.

But on the Alster are not only sailing boats, it is also an Eldorado for rowers and rowing clubs. Whether in the fourth, eighth or one rowing boat; here everything is represented.

Of course the law on the water must not be missing, therefore, of course, the two boats of the water police are there.

Here the pier "Rabenstraße" with the police station and the footbridge of the police boats at night.

Another rowing club, this time on the west bank.

And here are a few overview pictures of some marinas.

Hello Henrik,

thank you for the praise.

You are perfectly right. This weekend we have the "Alster Happening" and that looked so today:

Hundreds of food and drinking stalls around the "Binnenalster" (Inner Alster) and hundreds of thousands of people on the banks.

The week up to 10.Sept. is again "Blueport" in the port of Hamburg, which then coincides with the "Cruise Days" next weekend.
This is going to be giant again and the harbor will have more of the devil than it already has in the summer - and now guess where the "Fischkopp" will be :D