P3D v3 OMAA Fall 2016

we do not care of that :) you worked hard on it, finish it, even you dont get too much sell, you will get sell and some money :), then you will be able to buy more software etc :)

Please, do it :)
From the modelling itself your scenery defenitely looks better than simbreeze's one. And if you can handle to apply better textures than they did I am sure your scenery will look better than theirs. Actually I think Simbreeze is doing fast sceneries without too much details. For many places that are yet uncovered thats fine. But I think u can make more of that airport when I look on your preview pictures. So keep up the work ;)
Yes please finish the scenery as Simbreeze is not high quality judging by their past sceneries and newly released shots I highly doubt many people will buy. If you make it very detailed and realistic then many customers will buy because Abu Dhabi is the 2nd most requested scenery after Dubai in the Middle East region in my opinion.
Hi guys I have some information for you :)

1. Release 2015 or 2016 ?
I think you can expect OMAA next year Q1. I will try to finish it this year but I can't promise anything.

2. Whats allready finished ?
I finished T3 and T2 this year but I will rebuild all parts to make it perfect.

3. What will be included ?
I planned to build 2 versions of my airport. The first version includes the finished midfield-terminal. My second version includes the building loft of the midfield-terminal. By the way you can also expect moving jetways ;)

4. City yes or no ?
Yes of course ! I will create the complete city and the area arround the airport. You can expect an very huge area.

Thank you for your support. I will make it perfect for you. But you should know that I planned many other cool features and I will tell you them when the time is ready.

Have a nice day :)
Glad to hear about your new timeline and that u want to finish your project :)

Just a little hint for the terminals. If they are completely finished now then let them as they are. Finish the rest, release the airport. Then maybe even as a little christmas present. And after u can remodel the terminals and provide them to us as an update. ;)

Project79 did the same with their Abha Scenery. They released the airport and after applied everything they learned in the progress to the very early build models ;)


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I have done KLIA and KLIA2 which is an extension of KLIA.
To be honest with you, it is much more difficult to make update project from the one that you have finished.
It is much more easier to do it once when all the things in real airport are done.

One other thing, there will be bad-mouth people teasing you all around that you want to charge them twice by keeping the later update. Even though you have a very gooooo...d reason for them, they never read.

For your information. KLIA2 is an extension after I started my project 3 years ago. At the time of KLIA launched, there was still no satellite photo for that area of new extension and I needed to wait for a month before good-enough satellite photo was available.
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Dont give up.You are almost done with this projecct (with 3d objects) i think, if you need some help, feel free and send a PM to me, how much i can, i will help you with pleasure.We expect any proofs from your project, keep going forward :)