P3D v3 OMAA Fall 2016

Looking forward to it. Are you guys going to have cutomized landclass that will exhibit Abu Dhabi city just like FlyTampa did with their OMDB scenery ?
we are Ready4Takeoff Simulations and we are making Abu Dhabi for FSX. We hope you will like our work :)

I just quickly spotted something. As far as I know for the above building in real world, the front face of the terminal (connected to the airbridges) is slanted forward from the top rather than being straight vertical.

Btw, I love the details you guys are implementing.
Thank you for all the replies, And a special thanks to bilookhan. We are doing the best to finish the airport in the near future. Our aim is to release Abu Dhabi this year. In few weeks we will post some new pics, with buildings in the FSX. So you can looking forward to that. And yes, our feature-list is very long (Ultra-HD Textures, Slaved Runways, new landscape,skyscrapers and much more )
Waiting for more screenshoots :) Your models looks amazing. I wonder how it will look with textures on :D
Hey guys we need a little help. The old runway is under construction and we found nothing on the internet of the concept and what they build there. Do you know sth more about the part we lebeled with red ?

Look forward to you answers :)

I just noticed that Simbreeze (famous for their Heraklion, Tenerife South, Hurghada and Mönchengladbach sceneries) is also working on Abu Dhabi. Maybe you can team up with them and build this scenery together.