P3D v3 OMAA Fall 2016

Would be nice to have it included, but if you got not enough material for it right now as it is just under construction, you could go the way A_A Sceneries went with his Kuala Lumpur scenery. Split it in two seperate pieces. OMAA old and OMAA new...
This is a great project!
Thank you so much for this.
My friend requested me to make a scenery for OMAA, and I was just able to make the photoreal for him because I am busy with Dhaka project.
This is definitely a very good news for all of us flying in the Middle East, thank you. Will let my friend know about it!
This is your opinion. We will do our best to beat Simmbreezs version of Abu Dhabi.
By the way we will show you screens in the sim the next weeks and after that you are able to say something about the quality. So keep calm.
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Hey folks,
I have nothing big to show this week. The reason is simple: I tried to add some really nice features to my airport and I'm sure you will like it!
But these features take a long time.
But here is a small picture of my texture work on ground.



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ADEX if you're working on an airport, ModelConverterX if not. The former only draws a bounding box for length and width instead of an accurate building footprint from top-down, so you'll have to do the precise placement an the apron by trial&error.