PLEASE HELP! I just need one file converted from OBJ to MDL

Hi, I'm a volunteer at a museum who's way out of my wheelhouse with this stuff. I've spent the better part of two days trying to convert this OBJ file to MDL to put into airport design editor. This was an MDL file that was converted to OBJ and edited, put the person who did that is on an extended leave. This is for a flight sim exhibit, and I would really really appreciate it if someone could convert it to MDL, I have the textures already. I've tried ModelConverterX, FSX Blender plugin, and I just cant figure it out. I'm trying to get this ready as fast as possible as we are opening the exhibit soon, I'm torn fifty different ways and just cant spend any more time on this. If you could take this OBJ file and give me an MDL I would be eternally grateful.

Is the 3D model intended to be made into a static scenery object placed in a fixed FS scenery view, or is it instead intended to be a moveable object ? :scratchch

And if it is intended to be a moveable object, is it to be user-controlled via a game controller, or instead via a FS "traffic" file as an AI object following a programmed track in a scenery area ?

There will need to be a different choice made in Arno's ModelConverterX (aka "MCX") during export as a MDL ...pending your reply.

FYI: The OBJ linked in your opening post does load in MCX, but has no textures displayed. ;)

The textures intended to be used with- but which were not included with- the above linked OBJ file, must be mapped by MCX onto the 3D model according to instructions in a *.MTL file that would have been created at the same time that the OBJ file itself would have been created.

MCX will need the *.MTL file that matches the OBJ file in order to export a MDL for the FS 3D MDL type you specify in your reply to the question above.

When that MDL is exported, the textures must be mapped onto the 3D model, and the file / folder path where the MDL will look for those textures needs to be written into the MDL file data area.

I suggest that you package both the OBJ and the matching MTL file along with the mapped textures inside a ZIP file attached to this thread (...or linked for download as above). :idea:

: Some info about this type of situation:

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