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FSX Which airport ?

We tryed something, which airport it is ? :)


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That's Frankfurt's new A-Plus Pier.

One question. Why are you doing this airport? (and by that I mean you already have Abu-Dhabi as a project and Frankfurt is being worked on by the German Airports Team / Aerosoft AND by Flightbeam)
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And Flightbeam will not do Frankfurt I think,because of Aerosoft :)

Flightbeam is doing Frankfurt. The Vote that was going on between KMSP and EDDF was just to prioritize which one will get done first but Mir from Flightbeam confirmed several times that EDDF is officially on the roadmap for them so we will see Frankfurt from Flightbeam at some point
Flightbeam was also doing Amsterdam and now they stoped this project. And Fligembeams developer don't know if they really should do Frankfurt ;) Look at the german community :D
Flightbeam was also doing Amsterdam and now they stoped this project. And Fligembeams developer don't know if they really should do Frankfurt ;) Look at the german community :D

The difference there was that Amsterdam was developed in the dark as a "secret project" and abandoned for reasons unknown.
Honestly I hope I will not see it on screens. Developing the god knows how maniest Frankfurt scenery would be a waste of time. Sorry to say it rude like that, but that's the way it is. There are already two excellent scenery developers working on Frankfurt, scenery developers wich you can't beat when it comes to quality.

My advice: cancel this project while you still can and pick another airport. It would be most unwise to continue on Frankfurt.
Agree with other posters. Please pick another airport, its waste of time making EDDF, why not make another middle east airport instead? :)
You should do Landvetter airport (ESGG) in Gothenburg, Sweden. I agree with the other guys, this is a waste of time!
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Göteborg would indeed be a good choice, there's nothing for it yet and nothing in development either, and there's certainly demand for it. But of course there are more airports like that, Göteborg is not the only one.

PS If you'd decide to do Göteborg, I'd appreciate it if you'd do both airports. ESGG Göteborg Landvetter and ESGP Göteborg Säve/City both serve the city of Göteborg and are not too far away from each other, and together they'd make the project almost as big as Frankfurt.