ATI: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (Part 1)

ATI: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (Part 1) v2.0

ATI: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (Part 1) v2.0 for FSX (FSX: SE) and P3D.

A PDF file containing instructions for ATI Cubemap Generator v1.1 & 'Modified' Cubemap Generation v1.66.

How to... add the 6 directional textures into either application (below) to create an Environment Map.

ATI Cubemap Generator
  • Original v1.1: D/L location: here.
  • Modified v1.66: D/L location: here.
    More Information on the Modified version can be found here.
  • The 6 directional textures that make up the Environment Map (EM) ready.
Note: The Original & Modified versions do not read “.xcf” or “.psd”. You will need to convert them to “.png” format.
Note: In versions P3D v3.1 and later, if the user has the “Dynamic Reflection” set at “Low” or higher, none of your Environment Maps (EM) will be used (for either aircraft and scenery).