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  1. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 Approaching Dortmund

    Hello! Here are some pictures from my current project: Dortmund Phoenixsee Dortmunder U, U-Tower Klinikum Nord Dortmund Dormund-Ems-Kanal / Avatar Peter ans Boat Traffic from SimDocks Dortmund-Ems-Kanal
  2. F

    Custom Animations

    I am looking for interested C/C++/C# developers and modelers to team together to put forward this project for Custom (Procedural) Bone Animations for FSX/P3D Objects. This is not a paid position, I am looking for enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to work in this unique feature. I can share what...
  3. rpmc

    FSX GE View 2: HttpX 2.0 and EarthProxy 1.2 FSX thru P3D v3


    Shadow not appear in simulator

    Hi there, I have made approach lights model using Blender. Unfortunately, the model not cast shadow. "No Shadow" setting was set to false in MCX and the shadow appear nicely in MCX screen. After it was compiled into BGL and load in the sim, the shadow not appear. Does anyone knows why it is so...

    FSX:SE How to make Approach Light Brighter

    Hi, I am currently designing approach light with Blender. I found that the light is not as bright as the default PAPI lights. How can I make it bright? 1. This is the image on closer look 2. PAPI Lights are brighter when moving further. My MCX Setting for Appraoch Light_lm texture:
  6. hieronymus

    XML Gauges Parser Source Code Available

    I spend several hours writing a XML Parser which successfully renders the 2D panels of most aircraft. A few successfully Apps I made for the iOS platform. Since I wont have time anymore to maintain, I am looking for a company or developer who is interested in the source (c#, IOS)
  7. Rotornut44

    Bear Island v2 (Redux)

    Open Beta now available! See here. Back in 2013, another developer and I created a small (and pretty basic) scenery for an abandoned island-airstrip in Crecent City, Florida. The island, known as Bear Island, was a fun destination that many simmers have enjoyed. (See the scenery here) Nearing...
  8. n4gix

    Modeldef.xml Custom Lever Animations

    I have a set of power levers that I have animated for thrust control (0 to 100). Because I need the lever(s) to stop at "Idle" I have the animation <Code> set as: 50 (L: Power_Lever:1,enum) + (I had to add a space after L: to stop the silly emojies) In Max I have the full animation set for 0 to...
  9. SimArc

    Released!! Multan OPMT

    We have just released Multan International Airport For FSX / FSX:SE AND P3D V2 / V3 . Get your Copy now : https://secure.simmarket.com/simarc-multan-international-ai… It took us Approximately 700 Hours in developing this scenery, without any reference photos. We tried our best to bring this...
  10. M

    Automatically Close SimConnectText Menu [SOLVED!]

    Hello, I'm working on a project, and it requires to generate a menu in FSX using SimConnectText API function, the problem is that, I need to automatically close it via code when the user hits a shortcut key defined in my module, the thing is that there seems to be difficult to close it, I tried...
  11. S

    How To Upload Files in Flyaway Simulation website?

    I want to upload a freeware scenery in flyaway simulation website. But I cannot find an upload option in the entire website. I asked the support but they didn't answer. Please need help. Thank you.
  12. I

    Save a .MDL ModelConverterX

    Hi! My problem is that i'm doing my first project so I don't know very well what I'm doing. So: in model converter X, after load the 3d object from sketchup and minimize drawcalls, I use the Mass Texture Editor to convert the textures to .DDS . How can I know which textues I must convert...
  13. SimArc

    FSX Multan X OPMT

    Hi guys its been long since i've posted on multan which was previously being done under Genysis Sim Now we have converted the project into an affordable payware following are some pictures of our progress over the last couple of months . The ground Polygon and the 3d buildings...
  14. UssIowa

    PLEASE HELP! I just need one file converted from OBJ to MDL

    Hi, I'm a volunteer at a museum who's way out of my wheelhouse with this stuff. I've spent the better part of two days trying to convert this OBJ file to MDL to put into airport design editor. This was an MDL file that was converted to OBJ and edited, put the person who did that is on an...
  15. Pyscen

    PS: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (EM) (Part 1) v2.0

    PS: Creating (Cubic) Environment Maps (EM) (Part 1) for FSX, FSX: SE, and P3D. A PDF file (currently v2.1) containing instructions for Photoshop Software Only. You will need either the plug-in for Photoshop or the standalone of the NVIDIA Texture Tool Exporter (NTT). Both are available on the...
  16. Pyscen

    PS: Preparing the 6 EM Textures (Preface) v2.0

    PS: Preparing the 6 EM Textures for FSX (FSX: SE) & P3D. A PDF file (currently v2.1) containing instructions for Photoshop Software Only. How to... A Preface - Preparing the 6 individual textures that make up the Environment Maps (EM). You will not be compiling the Environment Map during this...
  17. B

    FSX Rewards Postcards US States

    To all badge collectors!! For some time I have been collecting postcards from the excellent visit series by BASys but the enormous number of airports in the US means I would never complete a set. I decided to create a set comprising state seal and flag for the 50 states + washington dc plus...
  18. Ronald

    Blender2FSX Toolkit - "Getting Started Guide" 2017-02-23

    I have created a series of 6 small documents that are intended to get everyone (newcomers and experienced modelers) up to speed in a uniform way when it comes to: - Installing and configuring Blender (v2.77a), - Installing and configuring the Blender2FSX scripts (on computer and inside Blender)...
  19. dude8472productions

    FSX Terrain Glitches at CYEG

    Hi all, I'm currently starting Edmonton International Airport as my next ADE project, but I'm having an issue with the terrain (stock airport). I've tried flattening it with ADE but to no avail. Could anybody help? See screenshot.
  20. B

    FSXA Airbus A330-300

    Hi everyone, Just started this thread for my first "serious" project which is the Airbus A330-300. So here are the three first pictures of the thread : Please give me your first impressions on this beggining of 3D fuselage. By the way, I use Blender 3D for those who wanted to know which...