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  1. shadeobrady

    MSFS Fence object transparency issues and flickering

    Hey folks! Just started work on my perimeter fence and was very happy with the model and textures I made until I saw it lined up in the MSFS SDK. I'm seeing two big issues: The fence looks correct when the ground is in the background, but the texture disappears when the sky is the background...
  2. Deano1973

    Blender 3D modeling artist required ( PAID )

    Hi folks, I'm looking for an experienced Blender artist for major MSFS aircraft cockpit projects ( my hands are just too full these days to do it all myself ). Contract-based, plenty of work for anybody who wants it. Ideally you will have previous experience or a portfolio of work to show your...
  3. J

    MSFS runwayDelete command not working

    Hi Was just wondering if anyone would help. Previously i have created a basic airport(WMGK) that did not exist on MSFS on SU10. Fast forward to SU11 it seems asobo has reinstate this airport but only the runway and it is not overriding my scenery. The runway asobo provide is inaccurate. Using...
  4. Deano1973

    Paid position: professional texture artist ( POSITION FILLED )

    Hi, I'm looking for a substance painter artist with a proven track record for regular paid contract work on products currently under development. Models are provided with UV maps already prepared, although workflow can be changed / optimised depending on preferences. Plenty of aircraft being...
  5. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS Building / Exporting, no changes on final package.

    Hello everyone, I'm using the latest SDK release as of November 11, 2022 v.0.20.3 for MSFS. I attempted to see the changes I made to my scenery with the SDK and after building the package, and viewing it in the sim, no changes were displayed. So, I can see my changes only during SDK mode but...
  6. O

    Removing Planes & Vehicles From Ramp

    Hello, I have simple issue which I can't solve - how to remove static planes and vehicles from Ramps? I have bunch of "RAMP_GA_SMALL" in my local scenery airport, but MSFS is automatically spawning there static planes, vehicles as forklifts, vans,... - how can I prevent from spawning there...
  7. makefreehand

    Texture inside model on Sketchup and blender looking good. But weird in msfs

    Hello! I have something weird on my texture and i couldn't figure it out what cause this. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? i've been modelling and texture on sketchup then export to blender and then use msfstoolkit on blender to export to msfs and most of my model will have something...
  8. makefreehand

    Texture inside model on Sketchup and blender looking good. But weird in msfs

    Hello! I have something weird on my texture and i couldn't figure it out what cause this. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? i've been modelling and texture on sketchup then export to blender and then use msfstoolkit on blender to export to msfs and most of my model will have something...
  9. L

    Looking for a 3D Modeler

    Hello, I have a couple of projects for P3D, MSFS, and XP12 that I am working on. I'm looking for someone that's good at creating 3D models (Preferably Buildings). If you're interested, kindly contact me and let's discuss a deal. Contact info: 787CaptainRix#4065(Discord)...
  10. A

    MSFS Several objects in a single bgl

    Hi, it seems that something has changed in one of the last versions. I convert one FSX scenery BGL to MSFS package named EDWS. The BGL contains three objects. When I open EDWS_project in MSFS, no object ist shown. My last working version of MCX created three subfolders in the modellib folder...
  11. FrancisJohannes


    Hello, We are in need for a 3d modeler/designer (blender preferred). We need to finish an airport project that's been on paused for too long and start another one. I need to hire someone that I can trust and is not shy to constantly communicate with us regarding any details. This is a paid...
  12. hurfigraphics

    Adding a video or gif file to my scenery

    Hello I'm looking for the most efficient way to put a gif of 15s in my scenery ( a TV screen showing airport infos). I'm atm using a png sequence and scaling them from 0 to 1 then 1 to 0 and its very very very long to do. Do you guys have anny suggestions? I'm using blender.
  13. A

    How can I spawn in an object in relation to my aircraft?

    Hi there, I’m a scenery developer and I’m very new to development in this field. I’m trying to spawn in a stationary object a few meters away from my aircraft (e.g a bus), which is toggled by some externel app, or in-sim. I’d really appreciate if someone could help me get started. Thank you.
  14. S

    MSFS Default parking stands and gates mess up with custom ones

    Good day, guys! I would like your help. I am in big trouble. When I select DeleteAllStarts from the scenery editor and build the scenery they aren't gone, default stands and gates are on the airport together with those from the scenery. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  15. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS Asobo Aircraft Submodel exporting

    Hello, I learned to add decals to the Asobo A320neo. But, I wonder, what are the exact steps for me to export it properly. I've spend days in trial and error... I first learned about it here...
  16. RED COOL

    MSFS Smart Dock | VDGS Engine for MSFS

    Hello guys Some of you might have heard or read about smart dock for P3D V4+, I posted about it in 2019 on this thread in the show room! I have been searching for a VDGS Engine for MSFS, and I couldn't find one that satisfies my need for perfect parking guidance + real-world simulation of...
  17. unc1rlm

    MSFS Time Zone issue

    I am creating a flight plan. Not sure really which time zone to check. I believe East Coast is UTC-4? But the display by AI Companion is exactly 59 minutes off from what should be. It reads the BGL. I have talked with the developer of AI Companion and he is checking but at a loss. I was...
  18. K

    MSFS Is this the right parent-child relationship for Blender Jetway?

    I was able to finish tutorial1 by looking at the Jetwaytutorial PDF. Is this correct?
  19. Fiideell

    Blender Cant export model (MSFS Toolbox)

    Hi, after some time I started creating a new scenery. Did the model in Blender as usual and wanted to export it for the sim as usual using MSFS Toolkit 0.4.0. But this time Im getting this strange error and dont know shat it means and how to fix it. Im doing everything the same way as before (I...
  20. Severin

    MSFS Blinking lights for MSFS

    Hello all, I'm looking for a good resource concerning custom lights and flashing lights for MSFS. I create my models in Blender. Please help if you can.