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  1. WebMaximus

    Easy steps to remove static aircraft models from payware scenery

    Hey guys, Will start by saying I'm not a developer. Meaning my knowledge about these kind of things is limited to say the least. Reason I'm in here is I have a number of payware airports for MSFS with static aircraft models as part of the scenery and no option for me as a customer to remove...
  2. S

    MSFS Cleaning Up Large Areas of Overdense Vegetation

    Hi everyone, There is an issue with the automatic vegetation near my home airport and I am wanting to clean it up. I think the problem stems from the fact that the color of the satellite imagery abruptly changes, and the sim is adding way more autogen trees than it should. You can see in the...
  3. Luicid

    MSFS What could be added in the samples ?

    Hey guys, I was wondering, If you could add some samples project to the sdk-sample, what would you add?
  4. Az_91

    MSFS Knowledge / tools needed to get started?

    Hi All, I want to start a project and develop a plane for MSFS. I’m looking to develop the same plane I’m training on (basic GA)m with steam gauges). I’m an absolute beginner in this space and never done anything other than minor CFG tweaks in FSX. I want to create a high quality add-on and...
  5. F

    Looking for dev to make a simple tool on short notice (paid)

    Hi! I'm working on a debriefing training tool that's used in aviation and we're exhibiting at an expo in about a month's time (company: VRef Solutions). To showcase our product we're using a MSFS VR setup and we're planning on using the FBW A32NX to let visitors take it for a spin. Ideally...
  6. Christian Bahr

    MSFS Babylon Exporter (3dsm)

  7. D

    problem with xml object placement orientation (pitch,bank,heading)

    Hi, I want to transfer a scene from blender, but with each object having its unique placement in the xml file with a script i wrote. I'm getting a correct location of the objects , but the orientation is messed up. It seems that the degrees (euler xyz or anyother yxz,zxy etc) in blender are...
  8. M


  9. A

    Instance Export

    Hi, Can somebody please explain to me how exporting instances from Blender works? If I export instanced (Alt+D) objects the draw calls and face count (almost) double. I used the Blender2Msfs from MSFSToolkid 0.41.4 to export.
  10. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS Asobo A320neo livery issue in-game results - pixelated - blocky - texture - SOLVED

    Hi everyone, This is question is utilizing the A320neo in MSFS. I made a British Airways livery and when viewed in close up it is much more blocky, pixelated than another painter with the same airline livery found in flightsim.to . What exactly am I doing wrong? I use Blender to apply...
  11. unc1rlm

    MSFS Add Taxi Link

    Since Asobo has changed everything.. Are there plans to change the "Add Taxilink" format path to "PATH" and still draw a taxiway? I am terrible at drawing aprons. I know once you change "taxi" to "Path" the apron disappears.. Just curious. The Parking Spot connection to a taxiway or link or...
  12. RED COOL

    MSFS Add-ons' interfaces withing MSFS

    Hello The way we used to be able to give the end user a control over simconnect add-ons during FSX/p3d era used to be through menus. We had drop down menus as well as multi-pages "ATC" menus that can be used to control or to monitor the process of certain add-ons using simconnect. I haven't seen...
  13. unc1rlm

    MSFS How to stop planes from using wrong taxiway

    If my hold short is wrong or what can any body spot the problem? It suppose to go up to end of taxiway at RWY 33. Traffic landing can use this to access taxiway. The aircraft takes off from here. Thanks
  14. unc1rlm

    MSFS I am so confused

    What is the correct format. When I load the ADE project in Editor. I get no errors however I get planes to land but nothing taxiing. Could someone please tell me (and if ADE will be updated to implement the new change)) For example if you select Taxiway Link it will draw a Taxi pavement etc but...
  15. J

    How to get white building texture?

    I'm trying to relearn the basics of creating models, so I am experimenting with SketchUp and MCX. If I create an object, use a stock white colour on it, it always seems to have this greyish look to it, I assume from the built in AO and lighting in MSFS. When I look at other scenery I own, it...
  16. M

    Scenery polygon and apron not showing any material and not excluding anything

    Hey guys! I know this issue have been addressed already once in this forum https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/polygons-are-no-longer-working-correctly-msfs-2020-sdk-0-7.450077/ But since than we had a lot of updates and the SDK was working okish... But since today I have the problem that...
  17. unc1rlm

    MSFS How do you get around this

    Not connected to main graph. No traffic moving right now. Have tried changing Taxiway Path from Taxi to Path (main taxiways and also the taxiway paths that connect to parking. They say MSFS won't see the parking spots etc and thinks there are no parking so ai's land/disappear etc. Tried changing...
  18. vbazillio

    SU8 Beta: Developper Camera X axis reversed?

    With the public Sim Update 8 Beta (, when in the Scenery Editor, the Developper Camera view controlled via my Xbox Controler (or keyboard) X axis (left/right) are reversed (left goes right, right goes left). The control axis is normal when in normal flight : inside the cockpit, on...
  19. vezirgiannis

    Job opportunities for everyone.

    Skyline Simulations, a company with about 10 years in the field, is looking to expand its team and is starting a recruitment period. !!!THIS IS A PAYING JOB!!! What we're looking for: - Anyone that loves developing airport sceneries. - Anyone that knows how to texture. - Anyone that knows how...
  20. T

    MSFS [SOLVED] Help needed with combined textures baked in Blender only outputting in Green.

    I previously baked my textures in Blender 2.79 and they were the correct colour. After changing the mesh in my project I am re-baking some of my textures in Blender 2.93 (also tried 2.83) but all the textures are coming out a shade of green as shown in the red boxes below. I have tried...