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  1. Claviateur

    Strange transparency in converted 3D Object faces

    Hello, I used Model Converter X to batch convert the 3D assets I created for my XP scenery to MSFS. I went from the XP obj files and they all look good in MCX. However in the Developer Mode of MSFS, when I import and place them, some of them have strange transparency. When I move around, it's...
  2. mbsim.ch

    PBR Texture looks green/too dark

    I tried to texture my object using a PBR texture. I don't really have any experience with PBR so I'm not sure if I'm doing this correct. I'll try to explain... So I downloaded a concrete texture, the folder comes like this: As far as I could figure it out I need the DIFF, NORM and AO file...
  3. F

    Texturing Hard Surfaces

    Hi all, I've posted before with some questions that I've managed to figure out but I'm still struggling with a certain aspect of texture creation for my airport (I have a thread on the MSFS forum where I post progress). Texturing buildings is relatively straightforward, I've figured out UV...
  4. Jay Bloomfield

    SDK now available for download

    It was made available with Patch #7 and the USA update.
  5. F

    Tutorial video about creating materials and individual runway markings

    Here is my new SDK tutorial video (german language with english subtitles) about individiual materials and runway markings: Have fun !
  6. hartmut

    MCX MCX 1.4 crashes on my Model when opening Material Editor

    Hi, I have a weird problem and hope you can help me sorting it out. I would like to import a Model from 3dwarehouse into a FS2020 scenery. As a first step I have opened it in sketchup, selected everything, unlocked it and exploded it following the directions of ths video. To get it into MCX I...
  7. Q

    Constantly update console using c++ (msfs2020 SimConnect)

    I'm trying to constantly update the console number related to altitude. At the moment its a static number, and does not update while the plane is gaining, or loosing altitude. There is a comment near the bottom of the text referring to the prinf() that im using to send it to console(not sure...
  8. Losco Nosciuto

    MSFS Weather Station animation

    Good afternoon gents! I've been fiddling around with Blender today and I decided to create my first SimObject. it is a Weather Station I've looked at the sample Windsock and since I know nothing about programming or XMLs, I got mentally stuck. I created an NLA track with my Animation (360...
  9. morganthomas757

    MSFS Blender Shadows not exporting

    I've ran into an issue when exporting a building complete with Point and Spot Lights into the sim using the latest Blender2MSFS Toolkit. The building object and the lights set in blender are set to cast shadows, and are of course on a day/night cycle. I've tried various different methods to get...
  10. M

    MSFS Animation - Landing gear - Blender

    Hello Pilots, I have an animation problem with Blender. I managed to animate the flaps, elevators, ailerons ... but impossible to animate the landing gear. The landing gear is animated in blender but can't see the animation in game. The only difference with the other animations is that for the...
  11. SleeveValve

    MSFS Missing Transparency in Blurred Propeller

    Hi all, I have the albedo map from the default Cessna 152 propeller mapped onto a low-poly, rather lentil-shaped mesh for my blurred prop. It appears with transparency (though no gradation?) in Blender, but shows up as an opaque disk, albedo applied, in the sim! I'm using the MSFS Standard...
  12. Mr.Mo

    MSFS Polygons are no longer working correctly! (MSFS 2020 SDK 0.7)

    Hello Folks I am still working on my custom made airport (EDHK) and today some users told me, that there must be some type of problems with my polygon exclusions. So I checked the scenery by myself and they are right. I use a lot of polygons for building exclusions, vegetation, texture & Co...
  13. Kiartz

    Enormous .DDS after Build Package the second time!

    Hi Guys! I've a big problem with my Scenery Package! The .DDS file are very very big :oops:! I've made some test but I can't undestand... I explayn you... - I've import in ModelLib folder my Object with 3 texture, one at 8192x8192 and the others 2 at 4096. -Clean All -Build All - This is the...
  14. Christian Bahr

    MSFS Refresh/Reload texture

    Hello! I'm currently creating PBR textures for my current project. While the creation is not too difficult, I have not yet found a way to directly check the changes to the textures in the MFS. Does anyone know how to reload the textures in the MFS so that you can see the changes immediately? I...
  15. SleeveValve

    MSFS Propeller Animation in Blender

    Hi all, I'm having some trouble animating a propeller in Blender. I've successfully animated all of my control surfaces (tested in sim), and tried the same approach to animating the blurred propeller, using the Cessna 152's .xml file as my template. Unlike the control surface animations, the...
  16. C

    MSFS Disable bound key events when typing in custom window

    Hi All I have used the template here (https://github.com/bymaximus/msfs2020-toolbar-window-template) to create a custom toolbar window. I am displaying a custom website where I'd like to capture form data, however when the user types on the form input in the window the simulator still fires...
  17. A

    MSFS Ayers Rock (YAYE)

    As announced on Facebook our next project for MSFS will be Ayers Rock (YAYE) Also known as Connellan Airport, YAYE is located nearby Yulara which is around 290nm from Alice Springs and right next to Uluru (Ayers Rock). The airport handles approximately 300,000 passengers per year being serviced...
  18. bredok

    Texture solution ?

    Hello all ModelConverterX users and mr. @arno I have completed my work on an airplane fully with blender. My final blender textures lead me to have a bad effect on the sun's reflection. Converted the plane with model converter x now I see the plane perfectly, much much better, but obviously I...
  19. FlorentAero

    MSFS Texture not displaying correctly on my buildings

    Hello, I have a strange issue in game where my texture is perfectly fine in ModelConverterX but once in the sim it is not displaying as it should be. I tried a lot of things including moving the texture in Sketchup. But a few screenshots will be better to understand my issue. By the way what...
  20. H

    MSFS MSFS2020 default grass on blender object

    Good day, I want to add default grass from msfs2020 on my blender object, but I don‘t know how to do. Or shall I create grass like this? The reason why I‘m asking: I have concerns with FPS when I create grass like in the tutorial. Thank you for any suggestions.