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substance painter

  1. Fiideell

    Blender export to FBX

    Hello, after some while I decided to re model my airport scenery from scratch. Its been a while since I worked with Substance Painter... My problem is it seems its not keeping UVs from Blender project and its all messed up when imporing to SP. My workflow follows: 1) create model in Blender 2)...
  2. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS How to obtain controlled AO with Substance painter exports?

    How to obtain controlled AO with Substance painter exports? I would like to add the right amount of darkness to selected areas on my model, what is the correct method to do this in Substance Painter?
  3. peacefarm

    MSFS Substance Painter MATERIAL Preset

    Hi all! I'm wondering if anyone has a working Substance preset for exporting COMP textures for in sim MATERIAL maker (for aprons polygonn, etc) NOT maps for standard 3D models. I've tried making my own, but I'm not doing something right when it comes to plugging the right channels in. Thanks!
  4. D

    Not Sure Where This Should Go. I'm using Substance Painter to Develop an Airport Help Please?

    Hi all... I need help. Big time. I've been having good luck working on an airport until my latest building has been bought into Substance Painter for texturing. This building has all the bells and whistles with an interior model for the model of the building as well. I don't know what is...
  5. T

    MSFS Help please with Dark Metallic Textures from Substance Painter to Blender to MSFS.

    I have been exporting textures from Substance Painter into Blender as albedo, metallic and normal and then into MSFS. Some textures display correctly, but some metallic textures display too dark with the material shadow on the upper surface and the bright surface underneath. I am using the...
  6. S

    MSFS Problem with a comp texture - its there but doesnt get compiled

    Hello. Not sure where to post this since it has various aspects, i hope its ok here. Its a SubstancePainter file but the error occurs on build only. I have a problem with some texture that i made with Substance Painter. My project has nearly 30 objects, all done the same way but it only...
  7. S

    Is substance painter worth it for scenery design?

    I am trying to learn substannce painter and I am just starting to understand the basics. However it seems like there are only tutorials for assets such as a wood box, a medieval house or some scifi spaceship. After watching these kind of tutorials and then loading my unwrapped terminal 3d model...
  8. Fiideell

    Substance painter - bake maps problem

    Hi guys, I wanted to start texturing my scenery today but run into a smal issue in Substance painet. After exporting my model from Blender to SP everything is OK. But when I bake my maps, one part of the model becomes suddenly darker without any reason. Its the same material. It does not happen...
  9. Vitus

    Substance Painter export presets for MSFS (2020) 1.0.0

    In this zip archive, you'll find four export presets for Substance Painter. To install the exporter presets, copy the files to <user>\Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\<shelf>\export-presets The presets will export your textures into a MSFS compatible format with the following...
  10. piotrkol

    MSFS Dark textures at certain times of day (Substance Painter)

    Had a crack at texturing my model in Substance Painter and ran into some problems that didn't occur when I made a primitive texture in PS. I'm attaching a pic to explain better :) Basicly the texture I made in PS was acting ok inside FS at all times of the day. It was a pretty basic texture...