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FS2004 Model Converter X won't create a .MDL

Hi to all of you. I have look for this thead but since most people today uses FSX I couldn't find one on FS9. So, I have made an airport ramp in sketchup, 301m long x 105m wide. Then I import it to Model converter X (Development release) It gives me an error that says " Error while loading modeldef.xml file"
But the object loads up into MCX and let me continue. I apply the texture formats for FS and let me save them into a folder, but when I m going to export the model MDL nothing happens. It won't show in the folder. I have in the option menu all the path of FS9 SDK, where I hope so. Any help would br appreciated.
Using Windos 10


  • MCX .MDL problem.png
    MCX .MDL problem.png
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Looks like everything wasn't setup for fs2004.... Makemdl wasn't found.
Hi Pyscen, thanks for your reply. When I tried the first time it wasn't but then I went into options tab and update the makemdl path, and it is stil won't convert to MDL
What error(s) is it coming up with now?

Give us screen shots of the setup options to.
Hi again. Here are the screen shots.
At first when I load up a collada file in MCX, it gives me an xml error. You can read it in the loading screen shot.


  • Loading to MXC a collada file.png
    Loading to MXC a collada file.png
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Here are the screen shots of the option path. I would lod up General, Importer, Exporteer, Texture, Object Model and FS Related. If you need the others, please let me know.
Thanks for any help.


  • Option-General settings.png
    Option-General settings.png
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  • Option-Importerl settings.png
    Option-Importerl settings.png
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  • Option-Export settings.png
    Option-Export settings.png
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  • Option-Texture settings.png
    Option-Texture settings.png
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  • Option-Object model settings.png
    Option-Object model settings.png
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  • Option-FS Related settings.png
    Option-FS Related settings.png
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The modeldef.xml error means that either you don't have the file specified or that the file itself contains an error. But this is not something to worry about, unless your model has animations.

It seems you have the MakeMDL.exe path set to an installer (setup.exe), that is weird. You need to make sure the MakeMDL SDK is instaled on your machine and then you can specify the path tot the MakeMDL.exe application.
Hi Arno, I do not know why the FS2004 SDK make model comes as set up and when I click as an administrator to open it, it just opens like a makemdl_sdk_setup and it does not give me the .exe .

I downloaded the one for fs2002, will it work? please take a look at the image. Thanks


  • makemdl.png
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When you run the setup it should ask you for a folder where the SDK should be installed. In that folder you should find the exe afterwards.

I would not use the FS2002 version. FS2004 and FS2002 use different formats for scenery, so you will not get the rid results (in FS2002 scenery objects are not MDL files for example).
Thanks Arno, the things is that does not ask for a folder, it gives me 3 options, modify, repair, or remove. I will hit remove and then install again and see what happens
Done Arno, I did remove it and install it again and ask for a folder, Everything works!!! Thank you