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P3D v5 Photosceneries and Autogen Packages for the world


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Hello everyone!

To make the whole thing a bit easier to understand, I have edited the thread a bit, so that I announce ALL my sceneries for Europe here.

Completed projects are so far:
Belgium (V2)
Germany (V2)
Bavarian Airfields
Due to a problem with the filesizes not finished yet: Estonia

And if you are only interested in the autogen:
Autogen Packages

Another project from my side is completed, the Czech Republic Photorealistic, and as always with exact autogen!
Here are a few pictures:









Have a nice weekend everybody!
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This looks amazing!

I'm not one to have requests very often, but man, do I hope you plan on doing Greece someday!
Oh well, just bought :oops: the complete MegaScenery Germany, will have to uninstall that too (as i did Orbx GN & GS) if AG won't fit. Thanks again :coffee:.
+1 for Norway (Sweden anf Finland too would be nice to see actually :p)
Amazing Job as always Matt :)
I'm not one to have requests very often, but man, do I hope you plan on doing Greece someday!
+1 for Norway (Sweden anf Finland too would be nice to see actually :p)

Well, if I had any usable data on that, I would start immediately...
But unfortunately Building Footprints, for example, are only available in very limited quantities...
But maybe... ...someday... ...my scripts will be so good that they'll do the job. But not in the near future, unfortunately.

a question that's been asked before in the original Germany photoreal thread but i haven't recognized any real answer in all of the posts there.
I have a 3 part Megascenery Deutschland (S, C and N) and what i can do is to join all three scenery folders in one Gemany complete\scenery folder. Now i want to add the autogen to the scenery and i've got no clue how to do it. I've tried three variants but only one gives me working combo of scenery and AG and that is to just have one texture folder.

1. i've tried copying all the regions ag folders into texture folder ( eg.
h:\mse\Germany complete\texture\Bayern and
h:\mse\Germany complete\texture\Baden_Württemberg,
but to no avail.

2. tried the copy all of the AGN files into scenery's texture folder but that didn't work either, since there were duplicates which i couldn't merge into a single AGN file and this also took quite some time to complete for combination of only two regions. I've chosen the "if two files have the same name, copy the one that's bigger in size" approach. But when crossing the region's border one faces the area of no AG, since the (one) available AGN files is either from source or destination region, but not from both

3. one that works is to only put one region's AGN files into texture folder, but that's almost of no use since that would restrict the flight to one (currently in the texture folder) region only

A hint in the right direction or complete solution would be very appreciated.

EDIT : I'm not seeing all of Matthias's answers, he mentions it somewhere on page 5 of that thread to merge two agn files with the script he created?? Is there a setting to change to be able to see all the answers?
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Well, there's also the fourth variant, arranging the bgl files into regions (Bayern, Baden Wuertenberg, ....) and pasting appropriate texture folder for that region in each of the created folders. But who can tell where is the place for the (for example) Germany_Aerial1_AM_33.bgl file (one of the bgl files from the Complete Germany Megascenery package), to which region it belongs? If this could be deciphered, it could also be done with python or any other programming language.

Edit : One more thing. Are AgnTools (agn2txt and txt2agn) working with p3d, from the developer's site it doesn't seem to?
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Well, first of all I have to say that the autogen packages for Germany are designed to match the federal states.
Therefore it is not so easy to use the autogen with e.g. ItalyPhotoreal or MSE.

To use the autogen, you have to merge the oxyfuel files of all states.
ScenProc has a feature for this.

Solution #1 cannot work because the agn files must be located directly in the texture folder, not in further subfolders.

Solution #2 causes problems, because at the borders of the federal states agn-files exist twice, but with different contents.
Therefore the duplicate agn files would have to be merged first. However, this is the solution that is the cleanest. You can merge the agn files with ScenProc.

Solution #3 Right, that would affect only one state then. All the other states wouldn't have autogen.

Solution #4 also does not work because the photo tiles from ItalyPhotoreal or MSE do not exactly follow the country borders.
Therefore you would have to merge the corresponding files.

The AgnTools are working with P3D without problems, as there has nothing changed on the format of the agn files.
I am also using them to merge agn files...

Best regards

never thought of this even though i read the ScenProc manual thoroughly.
I'll approach the problem somehow differently. First, i'll mark all duplicates and copy them into another texture folder with their respective paths (H:\MSE\GermanyPhotoReal\Brandeburg_Berlin_Autogen\texture\011221132321302an.agn would go into
H:\MSE\GermanyPhotoRealDupes\Brandeburg_Berlin_Autogen\texture\011221132321302an.agn) and then create merged output folder using AGN Merge tool from within Scenproc for all of the duplicates folders (H:\MSE\GermanyPhotoRealDupes) in one go. This will create new merged files only for files that are duplicate, not for all. Files, that are not duplicate, remain in their respective folders since they don't need to be replaced. After creating the combined folder with merged duplicate files, i'll just delete all duplicates from the original texture folders, copy all of the remaining files into one big texture folder and then add merged files. That way the merging process takes a lot less time and a lot less space for the created merged agn files.

Well, I think that's the best approach!

But I am also thinking about providing an "All-In-One"-Package for the autogen from Germany...
Matthias, that's what i came up with, it's not in accordance with the ScenProc manual, chapter 7.3 Using Autogen Merge tool, but i guess it'll be fine. The example is very basic, but when dealing with multiple 100k tiles, it reduces the amount of work by a lot. I'll try it (with a little help of DupeGuru) with Megascenery Germany and your 12 federal states AGN tiles during this weekend.

EDIT : Just finished the process of merging files, my "combined AGN folder" counts 4400 agn files, hopefuly i'll find the time to test it tomorrow evening.


  • Merging AGN tiles.pdf
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Ok, today i had the time to test it and it's fine, it took only couple of hours to create "merged folder" with 4400 agn files, had to repeat the copying of duplicate files (AllDup does it much better than DupeGuru) and do the merging from scratch. After having the duplicate files with their respective paths, it's just Autogen merge session repeated 11 times (for the last (12th) one, no more tiles are to be merged).

BA Bayern
BW Baden-Württemberg
RP Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate)
HE Hessen
TH Thüringen (Thuringia)
SA Sachsen (Saxony)
NW Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia)
NS Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)
ST Sachsen-Anhalt (Saxony-Anhalt)
BB Brandenburg
SH Schleswig-Holstein
MV Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Autogen Merge tool
After a state is "merged", you can remove that state from the list of the states to be merged with other states
output folder always the same ...\GermanyMerged

Main Others (states in parenthesis have already been removed and thus don't need to be merged anymore)
NW -NS-(HE)-(RP)
ST -(TH)-(NS)-MV-BB-(SA)
BB -(SA)-(ST)-(NS)-MV
MV -(BB)-(ST)-(NS)-(SH) nothing left to merge

total of Germany agn files 280k+
Mine is 282714 tiles. Have you merged them and how? You have all tiles in one folder (my starting point was MSE Germany in three parts so i could not have used states according to their boundaries), so they're not overlapping each other at places where boundaries meet? I did it the way i described above but haven't tested it thoroughly but the places i've flown seem to be ok. No missing parts. I'll pm you.
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