-RELEASED- Bremen International Airport | EDDW | BRE

Wow Jetman, really have a lot of respect for this!! It looks stunning. Two questions from a starting developer :)
1. Which modeling program do you use?
2. How do you get all the 'textures' you need for buildings? Since there's no program like Google Building Maker anymore, it seems really hard to get matching real life textures.
I use 3dsMax and all textures are basically handmade. I set them up in layers and add the details one after the other. It is more work than just taking photos but you can make sure there are no distorsions and everything turns out just as you want it to be...
Late reply from my side hahah, but thanks man! Do you use photoshop for the texture creation? Kinda looking for a decent 'tutorial' on how to actually create good-looking textures yourself.. So let's start with the right program :D

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
A question. The second picture from the bottom, with the rows of seats in the terminal. Is this a rendered image (3-D software), or is this a screenshot from the flight simulator? That looks deceptively real.
At last lighting that comes without that excessive light effects, especially on the floodmasts. Smooth and silk lights - never seen that better anywhere else...

Merry Christmas to everyone! :santahat:

Unfortunately Santa will not be able to bring you Bremen on time for some holiday flying -but: The project is now down to the correction of errors and the implementation of some additional things such as dynamic lightning and adjusting the animated traffic and blending with different surroundings. But it should not take too long anymore...

Although we have no snow in Bremen right now (and unfortunately not too often anyway), I thought it is nice to see the airport covered in snow...enjoy the next days!

The pictures look right, really great. Even the first ones from august 17 promise an outstanding EDDW which I as Friese wait long, long for the P3Dv4.
I would have liked to put it under the Christmas tree, but good thing wants to have it..
Then I wait for next Christmas or maybe at Easter? :stirthepo

Merry christmas and a healthy successful new year.
Happy New Year to everyone!

Bremen is now done and entering beta within the next days. Thanks for following the progress over such a long period and thank you so much for your kind feedback thoughout the last year.


I will also take the chance to mention my 2019 projects now:
With the end of Bremen I already started basic work with Hurghada | HRG | HEGN today (returning to the country of my very first airport). It will be followed by another northern German airport. I think Hamburg | HAM | EDDH (I really love the city and will spent quite some time for flight training there in 2019) also deserves a high quality rendition of the airport and depending on the development progress Münster-Osnabrück | FMO | EDDG will have a good chance to receive some attention...

An interesting 2019 lies ahead...

All the best!