FSX Released! Marsa Alam, Egypt

Hi all together,

I started work on the airport of Marsa Alam, Egypt a couple of weeks ago. So far the groundpoly is developing well with the terminal also under construction and the tower almost completed.
Here are some early pictures from 3ds Max as I still struggle to get it exported correctly (if you are an expert for this just contact me, maybe we can work together on this task ;-)

Comments are welcome as well as pictures of the airport if you have been there recently...

Have a nice day



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Good to see somebody is working on that airport! Keep up the good work. :)
I wanted to know if anybody is informed about this Project.

is it still alive??
is it canceled??

if the Project died, could possible do any other finish it maybe??
maybe Jetman could sent the files he have done already to other developers if he wouldn't do it because Marsa Alam is as i think a very nice Destination :)

After the "real life" kept me busy I had to quit my development engagement until now.
I restarted the entire project now with improved 3DSmax skills.
Here is what I have completed so far.


Staff Houses + ATC:

As in the original post I am still looking for any pictures (especially newer ones) of the airport!
I also have trouble to get the entire thing to my sim so far but hope to sort is out asap (anyone who wants to help me with that is also welcom to contact me!)
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Modelling and texturing of the terminal is almost done. As you can see there are still some elements without textures and extended details around the terminal are still missing (sun shades, hydrants, plants, sidewalk....) but will hopefully be completed after the weekend. At the same time the groundpoly got some additional treatment and is eventually done except for the "sandy background".
I will keep you informed about the progress.

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