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FSX Released! Marsa Alam, Egypt

Quick note:
The work continues but there is not much to show at the moment. Many of the missing objects are done but not yet integrated into the scenery while some existing textures and objects were facing a last makeover to fix minor problems or enhance the realistic look. As soon as there is more progress to show I will post new screenshots for sure.
Hi jetman. I'm sure the airport is progressing well. A question: can You give an estimated release date. N.B. I'm not asking You the date and the hour of release, i'm only asking You an approximative date. Maybe a month , a week, Two months. Thank You, Mattia
The airport is finished when it's finished. Dear little longer but to wait until the release then get a very good quality. ;)
All modeling and texturing of the airport itself is completed now!
Next on the list are the night textures, animations, and the surrounding resorts and infrastructure.
No release date can be announced so far but I am sure it will be available before it is 2016 ;-)
You can expect P3D(v2) compatibility but at the moment FS9 is not focused.

New Screenshots will follow this weekend!
Sorry for being late withe the newest screenshots, but I was pretty busy with other things and additionally had to sort out some problems with missing elements after export.
Most of the road lights are still missing for unknown reasons as they exist in the original max-file as well as they do in MCX. They share the same texture with the lights around the apron so it cannot be an issue with the texture itself...I will hopefully solve the problem with the upcoming night lightning.

Thank you for all your kind comments so far!

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Hi Jetman

Looking forward to your scenery. Keep up the good work! Looking at the screenshots, I feel that the ground image is very "yellowish". It misses a certain brown-tone.

In addition, the terrain situation in HEMA is a bit complicated. The airport builings are on a lower level than the apron an the runway. Your intepreration of the airport is rather flat. I know that terrain differences on a airport are difficult to handle. But since it does not apply for the apron and the runway it may be a bit easier.

Looking forward to your appreciated feedback ;)

... and if it is a payware product it may makes sense to add 2 options to have a smooth transition between to the ground image.

1) default texture set
2) FTX Global


although it was a bit quite about Marsa Alam during the past weeks I was still working hard behind the scenes ;-)
Now the night textures are almost entirely done. It is just missing some light over the asphalt areas but this will be solved soon.

As the terrain differences are rather small I decided not to rebuild them in the sim because even it may look nice, it will take too much work for a pretty small effect in the sim. But I ajusted all of the ground colors to a more brown, more realistic look. But this time I will only show the "so far" night textures of the terminal and the surrounding areas.

@Tommie Bloks: If you mean the renderes of the airport service vehicles these a simply kind of "clay-rendering" but with their respective textures.

I will show more as soon as it is ready for presentation ;-)

It is really starting to look awesome.

I really like those night textures of the buildings really gives you that nice warm holiday feeling! if you know what i mean.

Will be looking forward to flying into this airport as soon as it is released from AMS!

Gr. Gerben