FSX Released! Marsa Alam, Egypt

About 75% of the surrounding buildings and resorts of Port Ghalib are done now. It takes much more time than expected -unfortunately.

Sorry for the delays...it is a project I work on beside a regular job and all the other activities you have to deal with ;-)
But the project is really nearing its completion!

This is a "work in progress"??? o_Oo_Oo_O AWESOME!!!! I can't wait to see images on the final project!
Congratulations and keep the pace!

Best regards,
How come I never posted any comment here :O shame on me....
your scenery look better than the other one wich was released month ago, Keep it up :) ;) you are the best ;)

Thanks you guys!

Modelling and texturing hotels and all the other stuff along the coast and approach path is becoming quite annoying...especially if you have in mind that you just pass it for a short period when being on approach or departure. Probably I am a bit too much in love with details ;-)

Hopefully some new images can be shown shortly!
Hey Jetman, thanks for the progress report.
A lot of photos of nearly every hotel and resort can be found at holidaycheck.com
Maybe that helps you.
Just another quick report:
There are just a few resorts missing north of the airport. The airport itself is done. Including several bug fixes and many improvements along the entire airport.
I still think that dusk is by far the best time to fly in and out of Marsa Alam ;-)