FSX [SOLVED] Texture not showing in FSX


I placed some objects with ADE and now I saw that every face that has the "Materials.dds" texture is not appearing in FSX.

Though in the MCX everything is shown correctly.

There even is a special thing with the approach lights. You have to distance from the object to see it.
With the other objects I couldn't see this effect.

When I placed one approach light with Whisplacer it was fine but it wouldn't be the best solution to rebuild the whole airport with Whisplacer because everything has been done with ADE and in the past everything worked fine.

I hope that you can help me out :)

Thank you,




Resource contributor

It sounds to me that Materials.dds may be in the wrong format or may be corrupted. Load it into a program like DXTBmp and save it again?
Hi again :) Well I managed to solve the problem yesterday. I just changed the name from "Materials.dds" to "Material.dds" and it seems like if something went wrong in the FS.... Anyway all the textures are now being showed up again :)