3ds max

  1. delivery guy


    This older tutorial is good for scissor gear. But watch the newer vids i posted below for higher detail on how to use the LookAt Constraints and IK Limb Solvers then collapse to key frames.
  2. S

    Quick and Dirty: I slowly continue HeightMapToMesh, first version Downloadable

    And you will get just a video as manual.. I got some interests on it and keep this idea living.. NOT INCLUDED THIS time: Any Kind Of Smoothing.... THIS IS TOP ONE for next version. Because of this, you see all the sharp edges, shading triangles.. As said, next Version will include some basic...

    P3D v4 Flatten a model

    Hello I was working on a Ground Polygon and without knowing it, I made a big crazy model I was in TOP ortho view so it didn't appear when I was editing, 4 hours of work non-stop is just gone :( is there a way to flatten my model? to put every vortex in the scene to position z = 0 I searched...
  4. Z

    P3D v4 Ground Polygons using 3ds max 2018

    Hello, I am beginning to learn modeling with 3ds max 2018 for Prepar3d v4.3. I have read the SDK documentation and I have been able to correctly configure the Prepar3d Tools pluggin for 3ds max. Even my first models and I can load them in Prepar3d without problems. My problem is when I want to...
  5. K

    XtoMDL, 3ds max - rotation

    Very good afternoon to all, Iď like to ask you 2 questions and would appreciate any help 1) Can you please tell me how to open XtoMDL in CMD? i was trying to figure it out using google, trying to opening it in CMD, but then i got choices, how open the file, but never get it working. 2) In 3ds...
  6. Bulent Eroglu

    P3D v4 texturing 3ds max (taxi line)

    Hello, many of you guys might of seen me struggling with 3ds max but i somehow understand some stuff and I feel like I am progressing but I am having one problem regarding texturing taxi line. I made a short video demonstrating how I try to make my taxi lines so you guys know exactly what I am...
  7. H

    Very New. Any Good Tutorials For 3DS MAX?

    Hi everyone. I have been looking into modelling for a while but looking at everything at first looks very confusing. I am planning to make a little Cessna as a practice before thinking about bigger projects. Does anyone know any good beginner tutorials or videos on modelling and other panel...
  8. Albi

    SODE Jetway animations? (Solved)

    When I exported an animated SODE jetway from 3ds max, I get two files X file and Xanim. How do I make them into MDL? Because when I import X file into MCX, I see error saying No animation definitions found. I tried dragging and dropping to XtoMDL but didn’t work. Got a static jetway.
  9. M

    Freelance 3D Modeller/Renderer

    Looking for some part time work. Very good knowledge of 3Ds max, inventor (CAD), photoshop and illustrator. Message if interested or for more info/portfolio Thanks Matt
  10. delivery guy

    FSXA 3DS MAX is not copying animation tags when using copy.

    When i copy a complex or even a simple part i want the animation tags from the FSX Animation Manager to keep all of the tags to the parts that are tagged. So far i have to merge the part to another scene then merge back to my scene to keep the tags. Why does this work and not simply copying a...
  11. spotlope

    Blender animation problem

    I've been doing some testing and research today, and it seems that I'm not completely crazy - there is definitely a problem with how Blender is exporting bone animations. I made a simple test file that uses 3 bones to animate a simple 4-sided column with 6 segments. It wags back and forth...
  12. nimworks

    3ds-Max to fs9 exporter 1.0

    The 3ds-Max to fs9 maxscript utility allows you to export 3d objects from 3ds-Max to the 'Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004' directX x file format. The 'x' file exported from 3ds-Max can then be converted to fs-2004 'mdl' model using the fs-2004 MakeMDL SDK, either as a scenery or aircraft object...
  13. nimworks

    3ds-Max Gmax Bridge 2.0

    The 3ds-Max Gmax Bridge maxscript utility facilitates the exchange of geometry and associated key-frame animation between 3ds-Max and Gmax. Gmax, by default, cannot export to data interchange formats like FBX or COLLADA thus making the data created within Gmax redundant and confined to the...
  14. lazaro

    3ds Max Spline Boolean Problem

    I'm having problems with my splines here. Anyone know why I can't perform a boolean operation on them? There's an error message in the bottom-left corner which I googled but didn't find a solution that helped me. I've attached a video of me demonstrating the problem.
  15. Paul Domingue

    Aero Ae-145 2016-07-02

    Aero Ae-145 The Aero is a model that I put on the shelf in preference of my WWII military aircraft modeling. I will not have the time to complete it so I am making the mesh, reference material and the FSX package available for anyone interested in continuing the work. I wont get into any...
  16. Amir Parsian

    White ground texture

    Hi gentlemen, I recently gave up on Gmax and switched to 3DS now I'm facing some issue which I believe I haven't experienced before with Gmax. As you may see in the attached shot whenever I choose "Blinn" my ground textures turn to white in MCX and it doesn't show up in the Sim(There is no...
  17. S

    Cannot get my FSX scenery object to show up at all

    Ok, so I'm trying to get some scenery objects into the simulator. Upon discovering that they were not showing up, I figured I'd simplify things by just getting a simple untextured cube to show up at KSEA, the default location in the sample XML file for bglcomp. However, the cube is not showing...
  18. H

    DA42 - Next steps recomendation

    Hello guys :) I am modelling a DA42 for xplane (it will be later exported to blender -> xplane). I have been thinking to go on with the fin and elevators or the wings but either way how should I go on with them? Shall I extrude from the fuselage or make a new object like for the nose? If they...