p3d v4

  1. F

    Problem - ImagineSim VIDP recompile for P3D v4.5

    Hi, trying to recompile the attached parking file for VIDP. It was amended to add GSX L2 gates and new parking spots. However, I have two problems: 1) AI already parked at the airport at gates / on ramp is at 40 feet above the elevation of the airport (see picture). User aircraft and AI that...
  2. Z

    P3D v4 Ground Polygons using 3ds max 2018

    Hello, I am beginning to learn modeling with 3ds max 2018 for Prepar3d v4.3. I have read the SDK documentation and I have been able to correctly configure the Prepar3d Tools pluggin for 3ds max. Even my first models and I can load them in Prepar3d without problems. My problem is when I want to...
  3. Fischkopp

    P3D v4 SimDocks goes installer

    The two SimDocks scenes HAMBURG ALSTER and BIRDS AIR ROUTE FROM PUTTGARDEN TO RODBYHAVN, which previously had to be installed manually, have now been equipped with an automatic 2-way installer. The reason for this is that during the installation you can choose whether you want to install using...
  4. S

    P3D v4 How to get started, but not really...

    Hello there fellow developers, I'm a developer myself, too, just for a little bit different sim, which is X-Plane 11. I've already made 4 scenery projects for XP11 which have been quite successful, and you might wonder why am I telling all of this to you, well, just to clarify that I do have...
  5. delivery guy

    P3D v4 Upgrading a DLL from 32bit to 64bit

    I have the source code / file TrafficRadar.DLL from Doug Dawson website. Download This is open source as long as you give credit to the original developer Arne Bartels. I have no issues loading this source code into Visual C++ 2017 and exporting as a x64 platform. But P3D V4 will crash. (Also...
  6. SimArc

    P3D v4 New Islamabad International Airport - OPIS

    Hello everyone !! We have some good news for you. Today we are announcing our next project and that is "Islamabad International Airport - OPIS", located in the Capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. It has replaced "Benazir Bhutto International Airport - OPRN" as the only international airport...
  7. N

    Amination broken in renderer

    Hey Arno, after installing the latest development release, all my animations are broken when I press play with the complex shader and nothing moves at all when I use the simple shader. It's not model dependent, it's for all of them. The things I changed: - P3D v4.2 SDK in exporter options...
  8. R

    Help needed to repaint Piper Archer (paid)

    I have a model for the Piper Archer that works great with P3D v3 but when I put it in my new machine with P3D v4 it "pixxelates". I need someone to fix a few parts but especially the prop as it is very distracting in VR. It should not be a big job for someone who knows how to do it. I specialize...
  9. Nieggou

    corrupted Textures

    Hey, So.. I tried to export my model from ModelConverterX to P3D V4, but when it's loaded, the textures will look a bit.. ..strange... I made sure, that the texture is a .ddl file, but that didn't fix it either.
  10. Michael21

    P3D v4 No Dynamic lighting at arrival

    Hello guys, and Merry Christmas! I have a problem, and i would like to hope that someone of you could help me to get rid of it. So, i am building a little airport, and i have dynamic lights at apron. All works as it should, except the fact that dynamic lights are disappearing when arrive to...
  11. Amir Parsian

    P3D v4 GP Issues

    Hi, I'm having some problems with my ground poly in P3D V4 that I can swear I didn't have with FSX/P3D V2.5. The first one is white lines, I used 2048 textures and for mapping in 3dmax 0.000488 X 0.99951 which overlaps my textures by 1 Pixel. https://imgur.com/0iL5MjL The second one as you...
  12. Fischkopp

    P3D v4 Birds air Route Puttgarden<->Rødbyhavn with EKMB Maribo Airport

    Now that the Alster scenery is finished and published, I'm already working on my next project for P3D V4. It is the ferry link between the German Baltic island Fehmarn and the Danish island Lolland. The project includes the two ports of Puttgarden and Rødbyhavn and of course the ferries...

    P3D v4 What are the settings to make specular alpha channel works?

    Hi, I would like to make my GP to shine with my specular map. But when i tried to change the darkness of alpha (Black to white/grayscale), it seems doesn't make any change. So, can someone guide me what should be the settings of material in MCX to make the specular alpha works?

    P3D v4 Ramp Light Effect (Dynamic Lighting)

    Hi there, I am trying to develop some dynamic ramp light for my scenery. Since i have no idea what actually differ between the P3D v3.x and P3D v4 dynamic lighting. If anyone have done any dynamic lighting effect for P3D v4, hope you guys can share your thoughts and the code with relevant...
  15. Vortex Simulations

    FSXA Grenoble–Isère Airport , France [LFLS]

    Hi we have started work on Grenoble Airport , France (LFLS) . This is our first project. We initially started this project in Sketchup , but now we have thought of moving to Gmax and 3dsMax for much realistic Scenery. Following are some photos of what we've done in sketchup so far. We are also...
  16. R

    P3D v4 Weeze freeware (released)

    And there is my second project! Weeze Airport. The groundpoly is almost finished.
  17. BTDsims

    P3D v4 Adelaide (YPAD)

    Hello all, I am one of 2 developers from BTD, a new Scenery development team. This forum has been instrumental in allowing us to get to this stage, along with the amazing tool of ModelConverterX, and SODE. Our first airport we are working on currently is Adelaide, South Australia about an hours...