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  1. WildLynxPilot

    EFLP - Lappeenranta Airport published

    The fresh scenery can be downloaded at https://flightsim.to/file/42353/eflp-lappeenranta-airport
  2. FrancisJohannes


    Hello, We are in need for a 3d modeler/designer (blender preferred). We need to finish an airport project that's been on paused for too long and start another one. I need to hire someone that I can trust and is not shy to constantly communicate with us regarding any details. This is a paid...
  3. TheCaptain3618

    Scenery Request. The Maldives

    Would it be possible to ask if you could develop the whole scenery of the Maldives? If you could please make it work for P3D V4. Thank you.
  4. WildLynxPilot

    Published: Helsinki Malmi Airport (EFHF) version 2.0

    My latest production, the Helsinki Malmi Airport EFHF version 2.0 was published on Friday. The EFHF airport is currently temporarily closed and its future looks very, very uncertain. The city of Helsinki is planning to destroy this historically important and unique airport completely by building...
  5. S

    MSFS Default parking stands and gates mess up with custom ones

    Good day, guys! I would like your help. I am in big trouble. When I select DeleteAllStarts from the scenery editor and build the scenery they aren't gone, default stands and gates are on the airport together with those from the scenery. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  6. TheCaptain3618

    Convert P3D v5 airports into P3D v4 Airports

    I'm trying to convert P3Dv5 BGL Files into P3Dv4 BGL Files. How can I do that?
  7. L

    MSFS Default scenery doesn't come out after build

    Default scenario doesn't come out after build Default scenario does not exit and leaves duplicate PAPI, TAXI LIGHTS, TAXI LINES, APRON, WINDSOCK; It is also not possible to remove the FUEL STATION! I've already put exclusion rectangle and exclusion polygon and it doesn't solve! can anyone...
  8. N

    tiles2bing issue

    hi all, just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to why tiles2bing is no longer working for me. I have used it before when i was making sceneries and it worked great. I had a HDD failure which caused me to lose my scenery projects, but the tiles2bing was fine as it was on a different drive. I...
  9. D

    problem with xml object placement orientation (pitch,bank,heading)

    Hi, I want to transfer a scene from blender, but with each object having its unique placement in the xml file with a script i wrote. I'm getting a correct location of the objects , but the orientation is messed up. It seems that the degrees (euler xyz or anyother yxz,zxy etc) in blender are...
  10. M

    Autogen Appears Despite Exclude Autogen Polys Used in ADEX

    Good day all, I'm hoping you can help me out with this, because I've run out of ideas. Long story short, I'm building a fictional country in FSX full of custom airports and cities using ADEX. For about two years now, everything has gone swimmingly- I've even been building road systems with...
  11. PhobosDesigns

    Automated runway ground markings don't work with custom painted line texture

    As the title says, I'm working on a few variations of painted line textures to make the more realistic over time. I did notice though that the automated runway markings go bonkers as soon as I use the HOLD_SHORT lines of any sort. I'm fairly certain these numbers are being yanked automatically...
  12. R

    NH90 Helicopter 1.0

    This is a low poly NH90 helicopter, suitable for ai or as a static model. The model file is Blender v2.83. Texture mapping is very simple, so you would probably need to do your own. There are no animations at this time. You can use this model source in your MSFS, X-Plane and Prepar3D creations...
  13. Photosbykev

    We're going to Mars

    Testing animation timing for some 'Mars' scenery
  14. Lons01

    MSFS Stand Signs - An easier Way?

    Hi, Does anyone know whether there is an easier and quicker way to make multiple aircraft stand number signs? At the moment I have to do an export for each stand # sign which is very time-intensive. Is there a way to export a single model but apply different textures within SDK. Any advice...
  15. Žarko91

    HELP Friends! :)

    Hello everyone. Maybe someone has my sceneery for Bor (LYBO) airport in Serbia? Because my Google drive was deleted and I don't have anything in my computer. If anyone has, let them upload to the link. Thanks a lot in advance!
  16. unc1rlm

    MSFS Unwanted scenery

    I have unwanted buildings/trees everywhere...in the display in ade..everything looks fine but there's alot lurking in the shadows... If you look at 2nd picture..there are no buildings, trees etc how do i get rid of this stuff..
  17. A

    Textures are messed up after exporting into the flight simulator

    Hi there, I use the blender2msfs plugin to export my models into the msfs sdk, and I’m experiencing an issue. My textures look fine in blender but in the simulator the textures are messed up. here is my model in blender: and here it is in the sim: Any ideas why this is happening? any help...
  18. K

    SpritelyNZStudio Flora and Water AVAILABLE!

    Check here for more details. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/payware-nz-flora-and-water-spritelynzstudio-available/403561 Best Regards, SpritelyNZStudio
  19. FlightOscar

    RELEASED-Chuuk International Airport- FSX P3D4 P3D5 XP11

    Hello Everyone Im right Now Making A Chuuk International Airport as a private project, but im still on progress making this scenery which is from january until now. but here the progress of the Scenery. the ground is finished and now start making a building and texturing but i can't guarantee...
  20. M

    delete Asobo landmarks and POI in scenery editor

    Hello do you guys know how can I remove the landmarks or POI that the sim brings by default? the point is I wanna substitute the landmark with a new one with better texture and night lighting but i try with polygon exclude way but the landmark still showing and I can't remove it. if I m not...